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  1. Again, that argument is stupid until one of the collar designs changes. And then it's still stupid. What's wrong with a nice little extra detail? With a huge percentage of Vikes fans being of Norwiegan heritage (myself included), I love it. Panthers "Keep Pounding" is meaningful and Seattle's "12" is awesome.
  2. Does anyone have a style sheet or something similar featuring the inside the collar knot?
  3. For those who incessantly clamor about mini helmets:
  4. It's a phenomenal day to be a Vikings fan.
  5. The helmet looks so clean in the Ponder picture they just posted on Instagram
  6. Think the Greenway promo jersey was incorrect, pictures on Vikings Shop all show a 2 in line with every other 'second 2'
  7. As a third generation Vikes fan, Norweigan, and native Minnesotan (and self-proclaimed Nike fanboy), these are just...incredible If there is consistancy revealed with the number 'hulls', these are a modern classic. Color balance is great, collar knot is great, purple pants are great, namebar font is great, matte/satin helmet is great, ah.
  8. Sewn stripes look fantastic. I'll reserve judgment on the number font until we can see more of it. So far, it looks like we got the best update ha.
  9. What about an HGI worn metal look, similar to the helmet from way back in teaser #1?! Not quite Rutgers effects, and not necessarily chrome. Just kind of like a brushed, worn look. That would sick.
  10. Nope. They finally unified the horns with the new logo so I doubt, and wouldn't want to, see anything using a different horn. Expecting matte, would like 'Rutgers' effects. Happy with anything if it's the same horn.
  11. This "slow burn" reveal is so uniquely cool. I can't wait.
  12. Yet not every team has one, and those that do haven't changed it...? Yes, it's marketing. But it's just a cool little extra detail. No problem at all with it.
  13. It's likely due to the fact my first flashbulb memories of Vikings fandom came about at the same time, but my favorite is the 97-01 purple.
  14. Fair enough. Admittedly, a non-italicized version would look 100% better. But there has to be SOMETHING of significance ha
  15. Hopefully, would look much more sharp than the current rounded slab font everyone was (rightfully) ripping a few pages back.
  16. Why is nobody else reading into the number font they used? Has to be something...right? Right?
  17. Anyone unlock 2 or 3 yet? I've done everything, but for some reason my points haven't updated.
  18. Not a patch moron...direct embroidery...and to every one of you out there. The numbers were not "bubbly" when I got it ...it was 6 years of wear and tear. You you guys could not tell a fake from a real one if it hit you in the nose. And NOT a single one of you own a "real" jersey unless you got it from the locker rooms...they are all replicas...some cost $300 and some cost $20 and they are made by the same people on the same production line in China or S. Korea. And you can argue IP theft all you want. But when you do...make sure you never photocopied a page from a text book, or downloaded a song from the net...or copied a song off a friends CD. Quit trying to justify dropping a half a car payment on a shirt then realizing ... I could have gotten the same for $20. This was in response to a post about how they "fall apart in the wash"...BULL ! And I wanna see a NFL locker room jersey that has been washed 180 times and worn for 6 years. Guess what...they don't exist...because they all get new ones every season. And I want ONE...just ONE of you to post a "authentic" Ravens jersey that is 6 years old...with 180 washes....and let's compare. I doubt it will happen...because it would look just like this one...and you will have proven my point. So please...anyone of you post your 6 year old well worn $250-300 jersey on here, and lets just see the quality over time...because this is what it was all about. Sorry, I wasn't clear. My 'patch' comment was directed to Bucfan56. I would MUCH rather (and currently) have a 'Premier.' anyway. Looks better since I won't be wearing shoulder pads under it, colors are right, and the logos aren't sloppy. IF I were to be buying a 'show piece,' of course I would go authentic. Fakes just look fake, it's an inherent quality every one of them has... the few you can't tell from across the room all have their glaring mistakes when you take a second look.
  19. I will never see any value in buying a fake, ESPECIALLY one with a patch. Far too often I see blue Vikes jerseys with the ship patch and have to hold back vomit.
  20. if you're going to wear it THAT much over such an extended period of time (especially for a player like Ray Ray)... just get an authentic...? Also, yes it looks awful. Sleeve logo is terrible, bubbly numbers with an inconsistant stroke, and the mesh as said previously. Bleh.
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