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  1. just saw on the Globe sports page that the Patriots have confirmed via their Twitter page that they'll be ditching the silver jerseys as their alts and using the 1985 throwbacks instead. a move that I for one have been hoping for for years. the silvers always just looked like dirty white on tv. and the 85 unis are the ones I grew up watching, more so than the 63 ones they wore last year. so I'm happy about it.
  2. ugh. that picture of pap looks soooo bush league.... can't help but think that these unis will be one of those things that they look back on in twenty years and say, "boy, that was kind of a bad decision at the time. we've never looked worse or more obvious in our ploy to convince people to shell out money for endless variations of red sox stuff." ugh. they don't even look like the red sox anymore....
  3. I hate these uniforms.... using red socks and undershirts could save them, but I'm really disappointed by all the uni changes that were made... serious downgrades on all fronts imho... the gray jerseys are so nondescript... and the socks on the sleeve jump way out as a result of how boring the rest of the shirt is... ugh.
  4. Patsfan99


    um, I agree with the above 100%... I have been wondering the whole time why you have such a hard on for this whole situation and why you seem to have approached it as nothing less than a crusade to get someone to feel wronged about how similar (or not) these two relatively meaningless logos are... when you didn't design either, who cares?
  5. I vote #1 as well... I like the second one, and artistically it's more interesting, but I think the information is more clearly conveyed and easily accessible.
  6. I'll tell you right now re: the back.... if you use the words penn state in blue on a white shirt, you're getting into trademark infringement.
  7. yeah, but look at the label in the upper right... "new official logo..." and the logo unveiling is supposed to be paired with a new alternate... and wouldn't it make sense that if the sox were to have a new logo, that it would have a nostalgic feel?
  8. forgive me if this is a repeat, but I didn't have any luck in the search.... just saw the sox are unveiling a new logo on thursday.... and then found this in the mlb shop.... is this an early leak? or just mislabeled?
  9. wordmark's kind of cool, looks like it would do the trick, but the M with the eyes is much more effective... better captures the imagery of the name and looks cool at the same time... nice.
  10. clever, entertaining, and the art is top notch. kudos. really nice work. I'm jealous.
  11. two quickest changes I would make... take the warp off completely... doesn't work with that font, as that font feels old, and warping text is a technique that doesn't seem to me to fit with the chronologic feel of the font ... that, and the warped main text with unwarped "design" is bugging the heck out of me... and do what was suggested above... extend the blue box down, and reverse out the "design"... either in white or gold... you'd get an interesting border out of that too... treat the whole blue shape like a rectangle, except for the R, which protrudes from the shape and thus adds a subtle interest to the design... compositiionally, it would balance too... the R on the left, and the additional "design" text on the right...
  12. I do a lot of work with them on t-shirts and apparel... they were sold to a different company recently and are undergoing a whole re-branding... trying to be more of a beach concept... the shirts I did for them are all old-school beach, kind of a Tommy Bahama feel...
  13. noooo, no pictures... pictures say Friendly's not high-end... overall, I think it looks sharp... my only beef is the size of the "dietary restrictions" text at the bottom... looks awfully big to me... and in line with the no pictures, do you really need to have the pepsi logos on there? makes it look like a pizzeria with those...
  14. Patsfan99

    Panther Logo

    sorry if I got carried away and overstepped my bounds... not sure if I did, but sorry if that's the case..
  15. Patsfan99

    Panther Logo

    I see what you're saying, but I think just one tooth doesn't read as clearly as a mouth... looks more like a pinching claw... I kind of see the two teeth as a necessary artistic deviation from reality... representing a mouthful of teeth without showing all of them.... not getting defensive, just explaining my thought process... and why it might work with two... one just didn't feel like enough...