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  1. The elite actually just released. Nike is selling Brady and obj right now https://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/new-york-giants-elite-odell-beckham-jr-mens-football-jersey/pid-11563992/pgid-11793283
  2. At this point, who isn't prob the question. This also impacts merchandise sold as well. I didn't see any vapor authentic sold last year and Nike slowly has stopped selling the elite model in general. Wonder if they will even sell a vapor authentic model
  3. Any word on the raiders? Prob won't be switching I might guessing
  4. As a raider fan from Oakland....I do hope they rebrand and also fail in la. Serves them right imo. I'm with the fans in San Diego on this one. They don't deserve to be treated the way they been by ownership. Mark Davis and the sapnos family both can't afford California and shouldn't even have teams tbh
  5. Some good options for raider fans....
  6. Here is my legends cooper. The jersey looks cheap on its own but not half bad when worn. Way more comfortable than the game. Wish it had a nameplate though
  7. Word is msrk faught hard to be exempt and the throwback is the compromise. I can't tell but the pants are silver not white. Not a real color rush then.
  8. Raider fans don't even have the limited jersey option. That legend version looks cheap as hell
  9. I misunderstood what you were saying. I wonder why the Seahawks didn't switch to the updated cut. They are the darlings of Nike as they made by far way more of their jerseys than any other team. Hell they didn't even make a raiders limited.
  10. Seahawks limited is the only one that looks like that. Every other teams limited is like this
  11. Raiders pants apparently silver not white. No real color rush uniform for the raiders then.
  12. I'm guessing no elite will be made. Surprised the raiders didn't even get a single limited
  13. Best look at the raider home jersey. Looks like the old twill just an outline.
  14. Looks like the raiders home jerseys have a black outline and the twill has changed.
  15. Looks like the raiders are switching to the Nike template. Raider image and fanatics all selling new elite jerseys with the newer cut. All of the older pics of the McFadden don't have the updated cut. The limited also now are sold with the updated cut vs the old mesh. http://www.raiderimage.com/enlarge.html?http://ep.yimg.com/ay/oaklandraiders/oakland-raiders-nike-amari-cooper-black-elite-jersey-5.jpg