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  1. Well the set looks kinda like it did in the old days, just with a lot of different, well I call them "Nightclub" lights. They also changed the font on the Family names behind the families themselves, and the backdrop kinda matches the logo. Pretty slick.
  2. Penguins Please Staal (11) Malkin (71) Crosby (87) Fleury (29) Armstrong (20)
  3. Steelrocker86

    Band Icons

    Okay, I have four(!) Dragonforce's Inhuman Rampage Cradle of Filth's Nymphetamine Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory Avenged Sevenfold's City of Evil Can you tell I'm a Metalhead??
  4. wow. that is amazing. dynamic change, but yet keeping the classic logo pretty much intact. very nice.
  5. I loved the foxbox used the past two years. it wasn't as boring as the one they're using this year. I really liked the way they used team-colored lights to indicate a touchdown, hangtime and timeouts.
  6. Okay, My turn. Steelers: Block numbers, please!! I dont know why but I like the nameplate font, but for god sakes get rid of those slanted numbers. Penguins: Not a uniform thing but since i see Terrible towels at the igloo, so they should try to make a vegas gold towel or something. Pirates: Bring back the Black alts! I guess I'm one of the few who liked them.
  7. WOO PENN HILLS RED AND GOLD! (05 graduate) Make the red darker.
  8. I'll pay you $100 to Make a Cavaliers one. That is effin awesome. Enough said.
  9. You spelled Seahacks wrong :-P
  10. I love it! Make a Pirates one and you win.
  11. Wow. I really love the logo. Too bad I hate the rangers, but this is still a great concept.
  12. Stop bitching, seattle fans. It's not funny anymore. Just admit that you lost. The referrees aren't responsible for two missed FGs, a couple incomplete passes, Willie Parker's run, and Roethlisberger's TD. Oh, and go call your coach and tell him to manage his clock.
  13. YES! MORE! I'd love a Hines Ward MVP one!
  14. Beatnik, your work is amazing. This is also awesome... just lose the 3D