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  1. Great logos I like Santa Maria the best, on the other hand personally I think that the crocodiles could use some work maybe have the jaw of the croc around the emblem. Also is Corinthians related to the fĂștbol club or is this a separate club organization all together
  2. So who's everyone's pick for national champion game my scenarios are Normal outcome- Alabama V.S. Ohio State (winner: bama) No sec- Ohio State V.S. Texas or Clemson Dark horse- Louisville V.S. USC
  3. This is more of a where do I find question. Where can I find a video on how to create logos with in Inkscape I'm watching gingerbreadmans's videos right now but I don't know if he covers this thanks for your time B@ltim0r3R@v3n5
  4. Thanks and I'll be posting a better version of the stadium once I'm done with the logos
  5. I'm thinking of red green and white in honor of the welsh heritage that the quakers have Update- ive just started on the new designs for the new logos does anyone have any ssuggestions for a hood inkscape tutorial that I could watch mine not very good with inkscape and I want these to look good
  6. Summit city Seals Lebrones (yes I went there) Eagles Yetis Pegasi(plural form of Pegasus) Raccoons
  7. thank you for pointing that out when I was first drawing it I wasn't thinking thanks for pointing it out I know right white is the new black Thanks for the heads up ill head back to the drawing board to create some new concepts I was having a hard time thinking of what it's primary should be but had artists block so I settled on that being the primary(it was originally intended to be the secondary) Edit- here is the diagram(hand drawn ill attempt to make a computerized version later) of Quaker University's football/lacrosse stadium Bernard Family Stadium(modeled after Bryant-Denny Stadium)
  8. Here is a new concept of mine Quaker State University located in Philly. I will be posting a more updated version with school colors, history, diagrams of stadiums, jerseys and what ever else you guys might want me to post! With out further ado here is the Quaker State University v1 concept
  9. This look clean and well done from a photoshop workmanship pov but I think that you could take out less that's just me
  10. I have to ask is there an actual American football league in Brazil? Either way can't wait to see the logos and unis or kits or whatever you want to call them this will be an interesting concept because most of the time when a member posts foreign football it's of a countries national team or of London or something so ill be watching closely good luck!
  11. It's a good look for an alternate but not as a full fledged changed to me but otherwise still it looks good the colors mix well and I think that the script look ok
  12. Later today we will. My guess is Cal, Uconn, Baylor, Maryland idk the rest. thanks also as ea fixed the defense yet I was in a tourney with my friends and got screwed over so many times because of the poor defense
  13. I bet that espn will pick college football 15 it's a money maker. But does anyone know what teams are getting the uniform update?
  14. The logo looks admittedly better with the touch up and I hope you got that I was saying that its a good jersey but personally I just think a little more white could be used on the home like a stripe or something