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  1. What is the logo on the back of these supposed to be? Sunglasses on a head, a sun, just a random circle ? I was thinking maybe a Grapefruit until I realized the Arizona teams had the same circle.
  2. I believe they are wearing them today. The Jays Shop is selling them again, now with the 40th anniversary patch on the side.
  3. I was just thinking the same about the dugout jackets... Now the majority of players seem to wear the Magestic hoodies. Looking at the "Take October" dugout hoodies for this post season, they will have a new design next year ( so long annoying zipper that players liked to rip out)
  4. The original and follow up shipments sold out in a few days, and I haven't heard anything about additional shipments. I had to check the Jays Shop every day one week to get my 7 1/4 before they sold out again. And like the Post Season hat, it was made in the USA
  5. The Jays Shop has the new white panel hats back in stock online… I imagine for a very limited time
  6. A beautiful hat, but I sure wish New Era would finally eliminate those contrasting blue stitches on the front panel. But still.... A beautiful hat!!!
  7. The Jays Shop has this year's Canada Day jerseys for sale on their website. Unlike the last two years, looks like they will be the BP style, instead of the usual double knit the team normally wears. They will be worn with the red alternate BP hats, of course.
  8. I always thought this was funny as well and I'm not sure the reason but Showalter always wears the dugout jackets from maybe five or more years ago before they had the batterman logo.
  9. So a brutal hat now gets even worse.... absolutely terrible. I wonder if any other hats will have the logo on the back of the hat - although on most of them it would be redundant.
  10. The MLB Shop has the new White Sox TBTC hat online, and unfortunately the contrasting stitching over the white panel lives on...... I know that in the NFL sideline caps (the Cowboys' one comes to mind) New Era actually used white stitching over the white panel front, so why not in th MLB on field authentics?
  11. I too am surprised by several of these. I think Houston did a great job, but my beloved Blue Jays get a maple leaf? The Tigers, Royals and others get a white paneled front, but Toronto does not. I am puzzled. As always, I'll reserve final judgement until I see them in person.
  12. From the article: The Pirates also introduced, in conjunction with Major League Baseball, a new Pirates Batting Practice Cap. The cap is black with a gold bill and the Pirates “P” on the front in gold. The new cap, which was developed by New Era, is lighter in weight and more breathable with a structured high crown cap. Too bad it doesn't say anything more about the material. I'm still very surprised they didn't release these for the holiday spending season.
  13. I found it weird that the pictured Nationals hat was '47 Brand, and not New Era...or maybe I'm reading too much into it.
  14. I was browsing the MLB Shop, and noticed that they are once again selling authentics hats with the American flag on the side, and a Blue Jays one with both flags for 9/11. I guess the Stars &Stripes hats won't be making an appearance. Without restarting the military vs patriotism debate, I think they are a nice tribute.
  15. The pictures are taken from both an Authentic, and a Replica jersey. The Authentic jersey has the Canadian flag and Majestic logo on the left sleeve, while the Replica has the Majestic logo and flag on the right side. Why? I'm not sure. I assume its just one more difference to help people differentiate between the authentic, and replica version.