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  1. What is the logo on the back of these supposed to be? Sunglasses on a head, a sun, just a random circle ? I was thinking maybe a Grapefruit until I realized the Arizona teams had the same circle.
  2. I believe they are wearing them today. The Jays Shop is selling them again, now with the 40th anniversary patch on the side.
  3. I was just thinking the same about the dugout jackets... Now the majority of players seem to wear the Magestic hoodies. Looking at the "Take October" dugout hoodies for this post season, they will have a new design next year ( so long annoying zipper that players liked to rip out)
  4. The Mariners must have heard you, for 2012 the new navy road alternates have Seattle on them, instead of Mariners. There is the addition of the 35th Anniversary patch, but everything else should be the same as the 2001 version.
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