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  1. Dulles is accepted name for a couple zip codes in that area now, including where the ball park is gonna be. No one actually calls it that but developers insist on using it so I guess its here to stay. Although with that said, Blue Herons is one of the dumbest nicknames I've ever heard, and I have no idea what the hell silver stars have to do with anything, so i guess that leaves hounds. At least that one has some tenuous connection to the county's fox-hunting history and somewhat rhymes. (i grew up in Loudoun BTW)
  2. Agreed. As an alum. I'm glad the Dawgs are finally updating.
  3. As a lawyer-in-training who studied the Pro Football v. Harjo case I was tempted to give my two cents on the legal aspect of all of this. However, I realized this is a Sports Logos board so I present the following: FUN FACT: The Redskins name is actually, strangely enough, an homage to the Boston Red Sox. See, the Boston Football Braves (as they were then known) were evicted from Braves Field by their landlords (the current Atlanta Braves) after only one year. They found refuge at nearby Fenway Park, where they changed thier name to the "Redskins" to both honor thier new hosts (Red Sox) and apperently keep the same theme. They kept the name when they moved to Washington (after getting pissed that Girls Field Hockey got top billing over them in the newspaper). MY SOULTION: If they lose, just change it to the "Washington 'Skins". Keep the same identity. Everyone in DC calls them the skins anyway. Washington Warriors would be a nightmare, just pull a "Knicks" and shorten the name.
  4. Any indication if Navy will wear these for the Eagle Bank Bowl?
  5. Baltimore. (Orioles, Ravens). When I went up to Baltimore to watch the Saints play the Ravens in their inaugural season, I spotted a cool t-shirt in a souvenir store that had a cartoon-y Baltimore Raven and a cartoon-y Baltimore Oriole shaking hands, with the title underneath-- "Baltimore - Don't mess with the nest!!" Charlotte - features cats (Panthers and Bobcats) Every team in Dallas/Texas has a star somewhere in their logo. Lets not forget Mets, Jets, Nets and Pittsburgh's universal color scheme
  6. Much much better than their horrible new jersey's this year. Excellent! Go Hokies, and great win tonight!
  7. Yeah, the switch makes no sense to me. Switching to "Kings" on the road would have been brilliant since the current wordmark looked like the WNBA, however they went overboard by going to the city name at home. That seems like just a money grab switch, and being that the Maloofs own several casinos they probably dont need the cash. As far as OKC goes i dig the uniforms considering how crappy the logo is (if they are real). The clip art guitar pick needs to die.
  8. Not too bad if real. Considering how god awful the logo is, i think we got off easy on this one.
  9. I feel thats a common trend in the NBA lately. Change for the sake of change. I dig the new hornets look, but did they really need to change? same with the magic, IMO they never should have switched from the T-Mac era unis. All in all i'm just not a fan of what the NBA teams have been doing lately.
  10. This is a bit OT, but while were on minor league hockey...is there any indication of the fate of the Philadelphia Phantoms after this season? The spectrum is coming down, and i find it difficult to believe they will use the Wac Center full time... I dont think there are any other big enough arenas that can support an ice rink in Philly (unless Liacouras can fit hockey which i doubt). It'd be a shame to see the Phantoms perish, they have pretty good support, and have put a good product on the ice.
  11. I still don't understand city name on homes, nickname on roads. That's gonna look terrible. Also, whats with the knife-blade side panels. I think they tried to update something that didnt need updating and screwed it up. Downgrade IMO
  12. The controversy surrounding this logo is hillarious. The only thing offensive about this is its probably the worst logo since the ABA man sodomizing the bull. Whoever sees "Gorilla" and autmatically thinks "angry black man" is clearly a racist themself. It looks more like a kid from 1995 drawing donkey kong playing basketball. Man, when will the ABA die for all the terrible logos they have forced upon humanity.
  13. For those who are interested, which i'm sure everyone is. The University of Maryland-Baltimore County Retrievers got their rather unique nickname because they wanted a unique nickname that didnt exist anywhere in college sports that had maryland ties. The name "Retrievers" was chosen for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever a breed of dog native to Maryland. The colors Black and Gold were chosen for their place on the Maryland state flag.
  14. Just because he was not convicted, does not mean he is innocent... O.J. Simpson Kobe Bryant Michael Jackson and on and on and on... yes, and just because he was accused does not mean he is guilty.