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  1. Alvin Gentry just gave an interview and quickly removed this hat... new logo incoming?
  2. Website is live Who will own the 90s-00s history then?
  3. Coaches against uniforms they once wore. All sports and eras are welcome Mark Jackson Jason Kidd Mike Matheny
  4. Stumbled upon this in reddit/nba For some reason, the over-explained wordmark makes me think it's legit.
  5. I like those. Sleeves are easier on the eyes when the actual design incorporates them.
  6. Those are nice jerseys man! I do think however that the current unis might become classics, considering they have already won 3 championships in them.
  7. I actually think it looks really good even with the sleeve. What I hated about Golden State's sleeved uniforms was the overall mess; pinstripes only on shorts, non-matching yellows, ugly logo treatment. None of that can be found here.
  8. Is it me or does the New Orleans script look less small than it looked at the unveiling?
  9. The designers are more than likely using Illustrator to determine RGB values, and possibly between different versions of swatch libraries. I store these "custom" RGB and CMYK values that the teams and leagues provide, but to be honest - I don't put too much stock into them. Whenever I refer to "official" colors using Pantone colors, all RGB and CMYK values that I use as standard come from Pantone's own specs. For the latest measurements for PANTONE 186 C, you'd use this: These are the most accurate to matching current Pantone standards; anything else would be potentially outdated. ColorWerx saving the day. Thanks buddy.
  10. Can anyone (ColorWrex?) enlighten me on this one? I have a problem with the official Red. The Pelicans have two different Reproduction Guideline Sheet files uploaded. The older one (with the word "confidential") shows a 225/58/62 RGB. The newer one (without the word "confidential") shows 227/24/55. Both of them also show Pantone 186. When analysed side to side, they seem to be three different shades of red. What's going on? Am I doing something wrong?
  11. Court design has been released. Feels a bit unimaginative, but I'm glad it doesn't have red all over.
  12. Sounds like we'll have one season with a couple of games of Pelicans vs. in about five years or so, we can have a thread dedicated to "I just found this picture...the Pelicans and BOBCATS played each other???". Along with Brooklyn Nets vs. New Orleans Hornets. Yeah, that should become a thread "One time matchups" or something like that.