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  1. Watching the all america game. Seriously looks like a gallon of red or neon green paint fell on the players.
  2. More Photos from the Purdue Facebook Page
  3. Purdue having a Blackout against OSU this Saturday. Funny, because Purdue is going to blackout after playing OSU anyway.
  4. NC State wearing these next week for military appreciation day
  5. First Jersey Malfunction of the 2013 Season? But other than that, I really hate UNC's switching of navy for black. Not a fan of how they look today.
  6. I guess we are choosing, Can I take Rutgers?
  7. Congrats Cliff. Everyone had amazing concepts. Well done by all. If there is an NIT, can we pick our teams now?
  8. Michigan Wisconsin Greensboro Mizzou
  9. Michigan Ohio Wisconsin Alabama Greensboro Texas Tech Towson Northern Arizona
  10. Gonzaga Michigan Ohio C.mich Wisconsin Boston College Notre Dame Penn State UNC - Greensboro Louisville Texas Tech Duke Missouri Syracuse N.Arizona USC
  11. Ohio state redesigned their logo according to Big Ten Network Just Ohio State is writing in all black now.
  12. Yeah, if you look at the yearbook for IceHL, they had over 1,000 people following and voting when they started. I don't think we don't need 1,000, but we need a bigger following. How can we advertise?