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  1. Lee, that's weird man. About four or five years ago I tried to convince a buddy of mine to design his wedding invitations after an old-timey boxing poster. He liked the idea but ended up changing it to look like a poster for a horror movie. They even went to the trouble of shooting a short film that they played before the ceremony; it was called 'The Hitching'. Anyway, I just think it's cool when people try and make their wedding fun... must be a Winnipeg thing.
  2. Yes to that wordmark, but no to the powder blue. Also the red hats are done.
  3. Artist: Urocrystales Album: ...the faster we counted our spoons
  4. rev

    Graveyard Please

    How are these? Man each sig you put out keeps getting better great job I really like your concept LEWJ. I make the actual nameplates for the Bombers this year, so it's neat to see someone else's take on it.
  5. They wear white helmets & socks with orange jersey if that's any consolation. Also, for anyone who missed it in the NHL thread, here's a link with all the AHL & NHL Reebok Edge jerseys:
  6. Thanks capn89 for the grid, great job!
  7. rev

    HHHL -- pt. 20

    When are we going to see some Def Jux representation? Rhymesayers?
  8. dalhousie tigers ftw! honestly, ramsfan1223, i think you deserve a point for that one.
  9. To me it looks like a bull or possibly some kind of bird. I kind of felt that i'd seen it before as part of an old olympic logo, but if it was I can't find it.
  10. rev

    NHL Graphic Outlook

    the colour looks better now. it looks like you've got the numbers on the sleeves reversed though.
  11. thanks. i've never looked up team rosters before, only individual players. i guess that's why i'd never seen jersey numbers on there before.
  12. where on that site does it list jersey numbers?
  13. chris creamer hinted at this not too long ago. it's a shame, i don't mind the red, but it doesn't even come close to the green in my opinion.
  14. i have no idea what that means. and here: thank you
  15. ovechkin has some pretty crazy looking skates in the dressing room picture, does he always wear those?
  16. i also highly recommend river city sports. i had a 1980's winnipeg jets jersey customized by them last year and i'm still in awe of it. click here
  17. i think they should just change their logo to christopher walken.
  18. This is actually the college rule -- that neither digit can be higher than five, so that the referee can signal a player who has committed a foul with two hands in one motion. In fact, up until... 2000, I think, a player couldn't even wear 1 or 2 because those numbers were used to signal foul shots, and thus would be confusing. Obviously, they didn't think it'd be confusing enough, so they removed it. If you think about it, FIBA's system makes sense because, like college, the 4-to-15 system makes it easy for referees to signal a foul in one motion, as all of the numbers can be made with two hands. This is the sort of stuff you take for granted as a fan until you scorekeep a youth basketball tournament and the referee has to go into odd contortions to call a foul against #38 (and you have to figure out just what the :censored: he's signalling). hahaha. well i wasn't too far off, thanks for clearing that up.