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  1. I'm hoping the full font is released. I would definitely say they are custom. They look much wider than a standard block font. Hopefully Conrad will work his magic. I agree with this. Its nice to see some subtly on the uniform. It reminds me a lot of Florida State's collar pattern. I'm glad they reduced the argyle to just the collar and then down the pants. It reminds of the old basketball uniforms that UNC would wear, where only the shorts would have argyle on them. Still no excuse for black instead of navy. The font called "Carolina Bold" is in the style guide PDF that UNC released: Weirdly, one of Nike's first shirts with the new designs violates the permissible color variations for the primary word mark in the PDF.
  2. Newest UNC video with a little clearer look at the uniform. Looks very clean, argyle perhaps on the pants.
  3. So I decided to redesign the Tar Heels football uniforms. I was not at all a fan of the new jerseys this year, especially the tacky font and the black. I wanted something more traditional, yet bold. I took some inspiration from the Ohio St. Pro Combat jerseys that have over-sized sleeve stripes and numbers. Also, although I love the argyle on the basketball uniforms, I think it has been done to death on the football concepts, and never in a way I absolutely love. So here it is. Also, I you can easily imagine white and navy pants to round out the set. C&C welcome and appreciated!
  4. I think they forgot the "SOUTH" on the jersey. Everyone knows the REAL Carolina.
  5. I would try and find a new font. This one is kind of busy and gimmicky, and plus it looks like it has been run over with skates twice.
  6. I for one think they look great. The shorts aren't as bad as I anticipated, and the jerseys look great.
  7. Hey everyone, for my second concept on the board I wanted to do UNC basketball. I have been wanting to do them for a long time, but until they recently got shoulder-striped by Nike they had damn good jerseys so I wasn't sure what to improve on. But once they did get the Nike overhaul I went ahead and redesigned their jerseys. I really wanted to keep the argyle since it is one of if not the most side marking of any basketball uniform. But to simplify I removed the side stripe and made the argyle a little bigger so it could stand on its own without the different colored strip that they currently employ. I also tried to keep the navy blue to an absolute minimum, using it only in the argyle. Also, to give a little old school flair I added the Tar Heel logo at the bottom of the shorts, the same one that graced the bottom of the shorts for many years. The whole thing also harkens back to the older jerseys because of the lack of outline on the names and numbers. Overall I think it turned out pretty good, but I would like to have some C & C please!
  8. God those are ugly Has Kansas State ever had a good-looking basketball uniform? The ugliness started with the two-tone Ronaldo Blackman unis of 1981 for crissake! No, there is still argyle on the sides. The only thing that changed is the shoulders.
  9. Call me crazy, but I would take Nike's shoulder stripes any day over the different colored shoulders that adidas has started to roll out.
  10. The shoulder stripes really aren't that bad. Seriously, they are fine. They don't ruin the jersey. The old jerseys are still better, but the old jerseys with shoulder stripes would be nice.
  11. These are from far before Jordan's era. It is just part of a series where they put a player's number on a jersey worn befoer the player played. I dont think they should switch. Nothing beats that argyle. Nothing.