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  1. worcat

    NHL 2017-18

    It's too bad the 9 canucks fans can't come together and figure out what jersey they prefer... mean while other hockey stuff is happening....
  2. Spoken by a person that has never been to STL or knows nothing of - Stay classy Sac-Town. MOD EDIT
  3. You've won the cup before. Why are you acting like a virgin? Relax buddy.
  4. This is an NHL playoff thread, if you need to be educated about baseball or other topics please feel free to message me privately. Let's stay on topic please.
  5. Yeah unfortunate at best. As a baseball fan in general, you sound like an idiot.
  6. Dial back to certain user posting and celebrating "said" west coast team and celebrating their victory.
  7. Every fanbase has a topic....sure. But an argument over IDENTITY!? Please inform me. I'll be waiting microwaving my pop corn.
  8. Sad to be a baseball "Fan" from Little Rock. I'm pretty sure no Yankee fan has ever expressed how their high payroll team had conquered adversity and won a title. WOW.
  9. When there is a civil war among your own fan base, I find any relevant comment made in reference to their dysfunctional history asinine
  10. Depends on who you claim "they" are? Alot of west coast fans seem to be jumping from wagon to wagon these days. I'm sure you are all proud of your long tenured history but maybe some fans are actually dedicated to one team?
  11. Identifying what fan base you are from does not validate your claim. Ducks fans can't even agree which identity they appreciate more - Mighty Ducks or Webbed D - alone. Let alone sounding like they have conquered some sort of set back and have fought their way back to the top. GTFO with your BS
  12. Well when most west coast fans act like pompous f--- boys, you can call them entitled. But best of wishes to the real fans.
  13. This ^. Entitled Anaheim "fans" circa 2007 are going to tell us how big fans they are. Let's enjoy this moment.....