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  1. no idea what happened there.. sorry!
  2. Well thats your opinion I suppose
  3. Unpopular opinion.. as a Saints fan I like it.. goes with the all black which I also like.. another unpopular opinion..
  4. Just had another look at the uniforms.. They still suck... At least they look the part now
  5. Does anyone know how the logos are applied to the cap? Is it adhesive or stitched? Other?
  6. Damn it, I jumped on to check out the new uni but it's not the 13th over there yet is it!?
  7. I bet the nike-speak for the shoulder strip wordmark will be something along the lines of "we incorporated both detroits automotive industry and the Ford families automotive company into the sleeve design by making it look like racing stripes...."
  8. I stand corrected ? I also wouldn't mind if they kept the logo on the sleeves and added the stripping pattern to the collar instead. Like the Packers collar.
  9. I would definitely agree with you if they still had proper sleeves. But they don't. 5 stripes on the current cut of sleeves look forced and stuck / slapped on. Also you don't even see all off the strips on some of the players as they are tucked in.
  10. As a Saints fan, I loved the CR look. It really needs to be their full-time set. As others have said, just need matching black jerseys and pants. Also gold pants obviously as well as a gold jersey for future CR games. My only grip is the shoulder strips. O know it's traditional but they just don't fit modern cut jerseys. Make the shoulder strips the the same 3 strip pattern of the pants and helmet. And add the stripping pattern to the socks too
  11. Can anyone with madden 17 take a screenshot of the Saints black jersey with the colour rush white pants? Sorry, don't have madden 17 yet
  12. That's the best Seahawks concept I've ever seen.
  13. I'm usually in the conservative crowd, but these do look really good, definitely one of the better "outside the box" concept series. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Saints and Jets
  14. Loving all of these so far, nice simple and clean. Can't wait to see what you do with the Saints
  15. Awesome, all of them. Good work mate!
  16. They do it here in Australia in the NRL. The only logo that is painted on now is the NRL logo. All the adds are superimposed graphics done by the broadcaster. Is only on a select few cameras too so sometimes you see em, then you don't. I assume it's the same technology used for the first down yellow line marker in the NFL
  17. Yep, works for me now. Some good stuff there for sure. Nice work!