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  1. People are making this out to be the second coming of Christ. Who gives a crap about Owens.
  2. Witch MLS teams will fold in the next 5 years?
  3. In the next 10 years I just don't see any new stadiums being built in the Bay Area, unless the teams pay for it themselves. Remember it's the Bay Area we are talking about.
  4. They will change it. They always do. I loved the Texas Ranger Silver Badge logo for WMXXV. Then they go and change it to the ugly 25th Anniversary logo.
  5. are other cities even financially willing to pony up new stadiums for these teams?
  6. I knew it would happen but the A's officially confirmed it:
  7. When it comes to new venues being built in the Bay Area. Forget it. No new A's stadium, no new 49ers stadium, no new Raiders stadium. It will not happen. This is the Bay Area. Home of wacky politics.
  8. who cares? but they are competitive even when they lose. The Suns just put 142 on the Clippers. So that's 282 points in two game against the Clips.
  9. The A's have announced they are putting their Fremont stadium plans on hold. Color me so surprised.
  10. Sharks and Bruins won't sniff the Stanley Cup Finals. Just a prediction.
  11. Whoever did this should be shot in the face
  12. Bruce Smith, Rod Woodson, Randall McDaniel, Bob Hayes, Derrick Thomas and Ralph Wilson
  13. Steelers leave Cardinals broken, beat & scarred 24-10 MVP: Willie Parker
  14. Class move by Cal fans to give Oregon State coach Craig Robinson (Barack's Brother In Law) a standing ovation at last night's game in Berkeley.
  15. Truth be told which NHL teams do all of you think will actually relocate in the next 5-7 years?
  16. I know there is a Cardinals fan in heaven smiling right now. My great uncle Dean lived in Bullhead City, AZ for years. He always wore this dirty old Cardinals hat.
  17. I guess Silverbacks ownership decided to sit out the 2009 season to "assess the soccer landscape"
  18. You know you have really become irrelevant when Scott Linehan turns you down. Niners are the new "Old Arizona Cardinals"