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  1. How about this: AFC East - Buffalo, Miami, New England N.Y. Jets North - Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh South - Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee West - Denver, Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego NFC East - Dallas, N.Y. Giants, Philadelphia, Washington North - Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota South - Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay West - Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle
  2. MLS will be dead by 2012. Not enough people care including Garber. Tool.
  3. Will the Islanders really get a new arena on the Island or extensive renovations to the Coliseum? Doubtful
  4. 2009 Florida Gators Football Schedule Sep 5 vs. Charleston Southern Sep 12 vs. Troy Sep 19 vs. Tennessee Sep 26 at Kentucky Oct 10 at LSU Oct 17 vs. Arkansas (HC) Oct 24 at Mississippi State Oct 31 vs. Georgia at Jacksonville Nov 7 vs. Vanderbilt Nov 14 at South Carolina Nov 21 vs. Florida International Nov 28 vs. Florida State
  5. Why should I just let it go? I'm a loyal fan, dammit! As a Sonics fan, they deserved better then being shipped off to some one horse hellhole like Oklahoma City and then have that bastard of an owner say that the history of the Traitors is shared with the Sonics. To me, that is the ultimate sin. How dare he... How dare he compare the oldest franchise is Seattle's history to his little godforsaken abomination of a franchise. *sigh* I'll let it go one day... But, I think it's way too soon in my mind. Even then, the wounds caused by this may never heal, you know. I don't blame you at all for the way you feel. I would hate Clay till the day I died or until Seattle gets another NBA team (hopefully)
  6. 1st Place - Milwaukee 2nd Place - St. John's 3rd Place - New Orleans
  7. 1st Place - Scottsdale 2nd Place - Amarillo 3rd Place - Hanauma Bay
  8. City of Anaheim drops suit against Angels over name
  9. Wow. Beautiful job here. I really dig the alternate logo.
  10. Congratulations to Rickey. The best lead off hitter ever. Congrats to Jim Rice as well.
  11. Good luck in retirement coach. You are a great coach and a great person.
  12. MLB in Iowa? There I said it.
  13. There are not enough Stars on those jersey's. How about adding some more!
  14. If Philly wins the SB I hope McNabb tells T.O. to go @!#$%^ himself as he waves the Lombardi Trophy at the camera. If Arizona wins the SB I would be happy for the Cardinal fans, coaches and players but not Bill Bidwell. Jackass.
  15. 1st - Amarillo Black Gold 2nd - Scottsdale Salamanders 3rd - Honu of Hanauma Bay
  16. 1st - St. John's Beothuks 2nd - Manchester Industry 3rd - Nassau Coconuts
  17. 1st Place - Wichita Flight 2nd Place - Milwaukee Rangers 3rd Place - Lansing Ignite
  18. How is this one? Awesome. Thank you.
  19. Yeah, why all the hate for the guy? It's not hatred, just frustration. The new Browns have operated over the past decade as the Arizona Cardinals/Detroit Lions eastern rivals in terms of making bad moves, particularly when it comes to management. Romeo Crennel (sp?) was a bust, as were those before him. Browns fans were hoping for Cowher, but when he exited the picture other names (Schottenheimer, Shanahan, and a few others) were hoped for, as they have proven track records of developing - and maintaining - winners. Though I hope he does well in Cleveland, Mangini doesn't fit that template. Marty Schottenheimer was the ideal choice for all the reasons you stated, which is precisely why that idiot favorite team of mine didn't hire him. After 9 years of watching the "new" Browns flounder I am exercising my option and filing for Fan Free Agency. I am acting as my own agent so here is what I am looking for. Let's start with the teams I won't play for... The Steelers: For obvious reasons. The Cowboys: Because they are already filled with front runner/bandwagon fans and "fashion" fans. The Patriots: Because I am not exactly fond of Boston sports teams. The Eagles: They already have enough problems. They don't need to add me to them. The Redskins: Somehow I don't think my native American relatives would appreciate me joining Redskin nation or whatever they call themselves... The Colts: It would look like a total front runner move. The Raiders: Maybe after Al Davis finally realizes he's been dead for 13 years but not now. Then there is the little matter of uniforms so these teams are out based on looks alone... Cincinnati, Atlanta, Denver, Arizona, Seattle (lose the monochromes at home and we can talk), Tennessee, and Minnesota. Buffalo gets an exemption. Despite the fact that they wear some of the most hideous gear in the history of sports, they have some of the best fans in all of sports and they were awfully kind to Browns fans for the three years we didn't have a team. Let the bidding begin... -ing Browns anyway... How about the Vikings! Yeah we suck at QB but what the hell we have Adrian Peterson.
  20. Can I please get one with the Oakland A's, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Blackhawks & Colorado Buffaloes Thanks
  21. Whys that? Do they not travel well for bowl games or something? Pretty much
  22. I'm really late in the game but what the heck: Pittsburgh Tennessee Carolina Philadelphia
  23. I'm sure the Bowls won't care if the BC program takes a dive since they hated inviting them anyways.