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  1. AP & USA Today Top 5 after Florida beats Oklahoma 1. Florida (13-1) 2. Utah (13-0) 3. USC (12-1) 4. Texas (12-1) 5. Oklahoma (12-2)
  2. and it's going to end with Florida ripping the ass out of Oklahoma
  3. I still don't think any MLB team will ever move to Vegas. It's still a small TV Market.
  4. That was a great game, a Sabres-Devils east final would rock
  5. Hope the Sharks & Ducks meet in the west finals. It's a great budding rivalry with L.A. Kings left out in the cold.
  6. Any thoughts on what to do with this club?
  7. Niners & Chargers will stay put. Raiders will end up in Los Angeles again in about 2009 or 2010. The second L.A. Team will be an expansion team for Anaheim when the NFL expands to 34 teams in 2012. The other team will be in Toronto. They will play in a new stadium that will be built for the 2016 Summer Olympics.
  8. Anaheim 2, Calgary 0 (2nd Intermission) if this holds up we get 5,6,7 & 8th seeds advancing in the west. WEST SEMIFINALS? Sharks vs. Oilers Ducks vs. Avalanche any of the 4 teams could win this, it's a toss up
  9. no prob, Emotions get the best of us.
  10. Thank you Nashville Predators for participating in this years Stanley cup Playoffs, you can pick up your parting gifts at the door. See Ya next season!
  11. Stanley Cup Finals Devils vs. Flames, Sharks or Ducks
  12. ...or, rather, you took the opportunity--in this case, a basically fabricated story--to bash on soccer, something you can't even begin to understand. Thanks for taking the cheap way out. As usual. This sounds better: Soccer is a great sport, MLS just sucks at it.
  13. Pope went to the Cardinals in the 3rd Round
  14. I guess Buffalo wanted a DB and they missed out out on Huff.
  15. Buffalo is up next: I say Justice or Bunkley
  16. Leinart would also get to play in a nice new stadium
  17. it looks like Leinart will drop to Arizona
  18. Finally someone Alex Smith can throw to
  19. Raiders could pass on Leinart and Draft Michael Huff or Haloti Ngata