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  1. Notre Dame DB's Coach Bill Lewis lost a son in a 1998 Air Force crash. II were lost. Lewis' son Gregg was honored by both teams Saturday with a helmet decal that was a tribute to his military unit, the "Jolly 38." Wondering if anyone has a picture of the logo closeup... Nevermind, I dug it up on an ND mesage board this morning:
  2. Bump for a better look at that patch, can anyone reproduce it?
  3. Anyone have a better view of that patch or can they recreate it?
  4. Super recruit Jimmy Clausen has chosen Notre Dame over all other D-1 schools. Wondering if anyone has or knows what the logo is on their helmet... A better picture would be appreciated...
  5. Spearhead, you are the Heavyweight Champion of logo finding. That is one obscure logo! I have been looking for that for six years!!! Tried Baseball America, UT's athletic department, their yearbook staff (I'm sure they just blew me off because they must have had something)... Where the heck did you find that???? Thank you so very much, you don't know how much I appreciate this...
  6. 205 bites on that patch...could it be I have stumped the greatness that exists on this board? I have seen some obscure things's hoping someone can help me with this...
  7. So, does anyone have the MLB logo with the black ribbon that was on these bats?
  8. Dude, that's called pine tar... That makes no sense. The bat is pink at the barrel and on the handle, but tan in between. If it were just pine tar, the handle area wouldn't be as pink as the barrel. A more likely bet would be that when the batmaker colored the bats, whatever device was being used to dip the bats in pink paint held the bat at its middle. They did a piece on some of the Phillies getting pink bats, and they showed the bats being dipped into the paint but being held by a loop of leather tied around the handle. This was probably dunked into a can of paint at each end, but the middle of the bat never reached the paint. Trust me, it's pine tar, a lot of guys apply it there...
  9. What's that patch on his right chest? that patch on VY right chest is for Baptist Medical center. Baptist medical is where, i believe, the Titans get their medical coverage from. otherwise why would they sponsor the team? Anyone have a closeup of the patch?
  10. Dude, that's called pine tar...
  11. Wrote the Athletic Department at UT, they had no reference pictures of the patch worn on the 1983 National Championship baseball uniforms... Roger Clemens, Spike Owen, Calvin Schiraldi were all on this team, I have been looking for years, there was a patch on the left hand sleeve, I'm assuming to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the University of Texas in Austin 1883-1983...or maybe it was for the NCAA CWS finals...but most likely the 100th Anniversary... Is there anyone on here who can shock the world and show me a pic of the logo? The gauntlet has been thrown down...
  12. Does anyone have the MLB with the ribbon entwined in it logo?