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  1. I like this a lot. The Buffalo has a mean streak which I've always felt needed to happen. Really like the logo with the Blue and Red "B". It's unique.
  2. This is extremely well done. Love the change of pace for the Caps. Slick lettering and I really like the color scheme. Ovechkin would look amazing in this sweater.
  3. I agree with Welcome Doc. To me, people like the Patriots uniform because of their winning ways. Sometimes a logo is proudly worn and loved due to the team than the actual design. Another example that winning is contagious in so many ways. Growing up in Massachusetts, I loved Pat Patriot but there were so few of us. The games were blacked out, the team wouldn't draw more than 30,000 to the game and the product was consistently one of the worst in the league. Thus, they felt they had to make huge changes which included a new logo. It's funny when I head back to Massachusetts I see the Pat Patriot logo all over the place once again. Even the players love wearing that uniform and gear. I'm just glad that Pat Patriot is relevant. Never should have left in my opinion. Those red jerseys with that logo were sharp.
  4. I dig the gear. It's unique and I love the international sweaters. They keep their traditional look with your cod logo inserted. I'm originally from Massachusetts so Cod is a way of life. That inspired our sports logo the Cape Cod Scrod as a tribute to the awesome Cape Cod Baseball League. Well done, I think that's really cool gear especially with the younger hockey fans. I could see young fans of the NHL wearing your gear. You definitely have great sports logo design talent.
  5. Extremely talented stuff Jackie! I'm a season ticket holder to the Stars (Section 118) and a huge hockey fan. Absolutely love how you have transformed this logo to football. Well done. Go Stars!
  6. It's a shame that the NFL doesn't develop their own offseason minor league. Unless a league is supported by the NFL, people just won't follow it. But if you put it in the offseason and had 3rd and 4th stringers along with practice squad players, there might be some interest because people want to see the future. The issue is that the NFL is basically a 12 month league with OTA's, minicamp and training camp. You would have to fit in a small number of games in a short schedule. The other issue is those players recovering in time to join their clubs for training camp. These guys need some time to heel.
  7. Guys, I appreciate all of the feedback, it's awesome. Tshaw, the saying is more for the content rather than the t-shirt. We use that on the hang tags but I do like your first quote and like how it's short and to the point. GeauxColonels you are correct, I put those in there for a Vegas flare. Not to get too graphic but bobbers replicated something else and we wanted to keep that innuendo. Thanks again guys!
  8. Would love to get some feedback on this logo we just released. We call it the Las Vegas Hookers Fishing Club with the tagline: The only club where you hope what you catch isn't a keeper. We had fun and liked the colors. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks everyone!
  9. You guys are right. Leslie Alexander did raise the rent to make it virtually impossible for the Aeros to stay in Houston. They wanted those dates at the Toyota Center for concerts which they say makes more money and is easier to put on. It's just a shame because they were 7th out of 30 AHL teams averaging just under 6,800 per game. Their last glimmer of hope was actually the Astrodome deconstruction project which would include building a separate 6-10,000 seat arena for Houston Rodeo events and other smaller concerts/events. Reliant Arena is too old of an arena to play in. If that ends up happening, I think an AHL or ECHL team will come back to Houston. Too good of a market and the teams like it because Houston is a good market to fly in and out of for call-ups. Love the post if they saw Virgin Airlines at the airport instead. The Houston Virgins! That would be as cool as the Macon Whoopie! Probably too much info. Sorry to write so much. I dig the feedback on the Aeros logo. My opinion, history of logos like this make it more favorable.
  10. I'm going to miss the Houston Aeros Logo. I love the plane coming out of the puck and the Aerospace industry has amazing history in Houston. Gordie Howe was a Houston Aeros player in the old World Hockey Association. After the news about the Aeros moving to Iowa I wrote a blog about the Aeros history and my frustration with another cool logo giving way to what parent clubs call, "expanding the brand". I just think they are taking away the great art of sports logos. The Iowa Wild? Would love to get your thoughts. Just with some quick research, I learned that Des Moines where the Wild will play their games is named after the Des Moines river which means "River of Monks". Why not the Iowa or Des Moines Monks? If you have any other Iowa names, let me know. I just hate that more and more of these minor league cool names are going away. Hopefully when a new arena in Houston is built which is being talked about, Houston will get another hockey team and call it the Aeros. -Gavin
  11. Even though Miami just changed their uniforms I just don't like the mix of the colors. It may have a Miami flair but I don't care for it. I think the Colorado Rockies are due for a uniform change. To me, their uniform is just there.
  12. Definite upgrade. DPHF, that's a great pickup by you. It does look like a marshmallow in the mouth. Much improved but I just get tired of all the "cat" logos out there. Tough and expensive to change out the name so it's cool that they upgraded the logo.
  13. Atom, I would purchase all three of these jerseys. Great job!! I couldn't agree more raysfan24, I understand that they have to pay their bills but the jerseys do look so much better without the ads.
  14. Vipers, Bengals, Really? C'mon!! Boy you guys can't be more right. The names you guys are throwing out are so much better than what they had. Remember when Logos used to apply to the area the team played in? Brampton was just named by Twitter as using more curse words than anyone else. Here's the link to the article. How about the Brampton %. I'd love to hear the announcers try to figure out that one but the merchandise would be going off the shelves. Realistic, probably not but it would be a huge story. Talk about an attention getter. Since it's the Flower City what about the Brampton Birds and the Bees. Or the Brampton Fertile after the fertilization of flowers. This is exactly why we started Awesome Sports Logos. Our goal is to bring back the fun and creativity back into sports logos. It's almost like Brampton is afraid like so many other sports teams to take a chance. Even though the team is defunct, people still talk about the Macon Whoopie as one of the best hockey team names. All of the names you guys came up with are interesting. I have no interest in any of the finalists unfortunately.
  15. I actually think it's a good idea to change their logo. They have a great new owner Shahid Khan that is commited to the community. I compare this to the Patriots changing their logo in the 90's. The old "Pat Patriot" logo brought back memories of losing and moving to another city. Now since they've won 3 Super Bowls, everyone loves the "Pat Patriot" logo again and I think that the same will happen with the Jaguars when they turn the franchise around. For now, I think it would be a good spike in merchandise sales and would help with their positive image change.
  16. This is brilliant! I'm a huge fan. One of the reasons that I created Awesome Sports Logos was to bring back the fun and creativity back to sports logos. This is a hilarious concept. I was like dark pirahna wondering when Pig Pen would come out and you came through. I agree with MBurmey and would buy these if they came out. Nas1787 huge kudos, these were truly enjoyable. Since all sports teams have a 3rd jersey, I can't wait to see the Snoopy Red Barron alternate jersey. Congrats!!
  17. The Patriots had no choice but to change their logo when the team was awful with different rumors of the team moving on a weekly basis. When this logo came out, it was new and different. No longer the case. This logo needs an update and bad. This logo went from a fresh look in the 1990's to today's thought of, "I didn't realize that Elvis was such a revolutionary war fan" becaus that's now what I think of. What's interesting is the huge comeback of the old logo, "Pat Patriot" up in New England. It's everywhere and the Pats make sure for at least one game a year that they bring back the jerseys and helmets. I think it's time for an update.
  18. I like the MD and even though you have it as an alternate, it's better than the current logo. I've always thought the Ducks went from one of the best to the worst uniforms. Great job Patsfan12!
  19. Buckeye, those are real strong. Great job. You kept the history of the uniforms and still brought them up to today's standards. Really cool stuff! I agree, this would be a popular seller in the NBA.
  20. Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. Goforbroke, I do like the nine. I was trying to figure out what sport to go with and liked the concept of one of the arms wrapped around a baseball. I'm sure I could switch out the font. You are right, 9 certainly has more meanings in baseball. To answer your questions seancarter, we're actually going to stick with the black and white for our t-shirts. I just don't want to post a pic with the t-shirt because I was accused of using this site to sell so I provided a link so if someone wants to look, they can. To me, it's the kind of logo that I could see on the back of a biker jacket as weird as that sounds for a sports logo. Color suggestions are always appreciated. SC49erfan15, thanks for the feedback. The name Ocho Locos or Ochos Locos seems to be open to interpretation but I'm going to check with more people. The consensus was Ocho Locos but I'll ask again. Guys, I really appreciate the feedback!!
  21. Hey guys, you guys are always great about feedback whether it's positive or critical. We just launched a new logo and wanted to get your thoughts. We have two versions with the same basic logo, the California Crazy Eights and the spanish version, the California Ocho Locos. We thought Ocho Locos was a cool sounding name. I would love feedback on the font and the actual logo. I didn't want to show it on our t-shirts because I didn't want people to think that it's the only reason I'm on here. I really love sports logos and you guys provide great feedback and I love commenting on other logos. Let me know your thoughts and as always, I really appreciate any feedback.
  22. Fair feedback and I appreciate the replies. Nas, I agree that there is equity in that brand and technically Brooklyn is a part of Long Island so it would probably would work. Delayed penalty, it is cartoony and maybe better suited for a club hockey team. That's what I really enjoy about this board is the feedback. I had previously designed this logo and I know that the colors are way too close to the Rangers but this is less cartoonish and has history. The New York Zouaves were one of the first volunteer regimens to fight in the civil war. I love logos that have great history with them. I first learned of the Zouaves name at the Smithsonian. I know the colors and the gun would not fly althought the Blue Jackets do have a cannon as one of their logos but I guess that's different. Like I said, it's got Rangers colors so that would need to be tweaked.
  23. Pretty amazing that Brooklyn will be the home of two sports franchises a few years from now. I was reading the October article in the New York times which I've linked to about the move. They say they want to keep New York in the name but I wanted to get your thoughts on a possible logo. How about the Brooklyn LegBreakers. I put the Brooklyn Bridge in the background with NY in the stick tape. Would love to get your thoughts on it. Probably not politically correct in today's sports world but it's hockey and I love the double meaning of the violence of the sport and the old time mob violence.
  24. Great job Greg. I like how you took tweaked the current logo without going overboard. The white makes sense with the Siberian Tiger. The Bengals have a good look and you've improved it. Nice job my friend. As long as the Bengals lettering on the helmet stays away, I think we're all in better shape. Although I wouldn't mind a young Collinsworth, Ken Anderson, James Brooks and Dan Ross. They had some great players back then. Kudos and Congrats!
  25. We designed this as a football team but we called our Nashville team the Bootleggers. I really like the Nahville Picks because of the music and baskeball meaning. I feel as though great logos have meaning for the area in which they play. Bootlegging has some amazing history in the Nashville area. Too many teams are politcally correct so they might not want alcohol associated with their logo.