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  1. I know that they're supposedly heavier therefore slower but those chrome rims are sharp!! I love cars that use them!
  2. CCSLC/iPhone%20NFL/?action=view&current=NFL-12.jpg'> Perfect
  3. Where's my close family friend #62 Jeff christy
  4. Can I get a new Orleans saints who dat? In gold and black. These are amazing
  5. Vintage notre dame with the shamrock please! And vintage Minnesota gophers with the old gopher logo??
  6. K so these are good but maybe tone down the sleeves a little and try adding more gold to the jersey. And play with the number font a little get creative bro
  7. Deal bro. Get those tests done man
  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! Sick I think you may have predicted the future with this one. Thumbs up on Vikings and patriots and panthers!!!!
  9. Can someone give my boys down in the big easy a make over? The saints need some new designs
  10. Could u try updating st cloud state and Minnesota jetrseys?
  11. Fantastic but can we please get a navy alternate? And maybe a green alternate with the shamrock on the helmet? Awesome
  12. Love it except maybe black numbers on gold jerseys . And can we do away with the long sleeves?
  13. Patriots: Someday we'll beat the giants Rams: We don't give a faulk Eagles: We Fly High or Not so dream team Seahawks: Tjack attack