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  1. The El Paso Chihuahuas are good my to have a one night name change. They are going to use one of the names that was in the running when the Tucson Padres moved to El Paso. So on June 10 they will be the El Paso Desert Gators. Do you happen to know any other teams change their identity for one night? http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20160603&content_id=181952490&fext=.jsp&vkey=pr_t4904
  2. According to The Boss, the Yankees had the best turn ahead the clock uniforms. So I have to say the shorts were worse.
  3. I know I'm biased on this one, but I thought that my old high school had a great unique mascot/logo. I went to Eastwood High School in El Paso, Texas and the mascot is Sarge the Trooper. What do you think?
  4. The El Paso AAA team is going to announce their team name later today. Www.elpasotriplea.com should have the logo.
  5. Sun Dogs may sound like a made up species of minor league mascot, but it's not. A sun dog is an actual astral phenomena that's befitting of a place that calls itself "Sun City" (hence the Sun Bowl). I was wondering why they'd move to El Paso when part of the reason they were moving from Tucson was because the Arizona baseball team was more popular; but then I found out UTEP doesn't have baseball... kind of surprising. The reason why they are moving to El Paso is because the city government agreed to build a stadium. The crazy thing is they demolished the children's science museum and the city hall. You can find the city hall demolition on YouTube if you care to see it. The ballpark construction has been rather controversial since it required the demolition and the costs have been raising quite quickly since this is a a fast construction deadline of less than one year. As far as UTEP not having a baseball team, this is due to Title 9 in the 80's. Since football takes up a lot of scholarships and you need an equal amount of female scholarships, UTEP had to drop the program.
  6. There is a sneak peak of the logo at www.elpasotriplea.com. Rumor is they are going to be the Sun Dogs.
  7. There is already a minor league system. It's called the NCAA.
  8. Yeah the Packers shareholders ring that's pictured above is massive!! I have people stopping and asking me all the time about mine. Even at Packer games people want to see it . Did you go for the real gold or the jeweler's metal? If you got the jeweler's metal does it look good?
  9. In 2011 my wife and I attended the World Series in Arlington and it was Bizarro World. For the first time in my life at an event, the men's restroom had a long line stretching out the door while there were no lines for the women's room.
  10. Just wait fifteen to twenty more years when stadiums built in the 1990's/early 2000's become too obsolete to remain competitive in the next modern era of sports have to be demolished.
  11. First time I looked at it I thought it looked like the yellow portion was torn up, but it looked cool once I focused on the mountains. The best part of the field is how they incorporated the shape of the state in the green portion of the field.
  12. I just hope we don't see colored ice any time soon. What does everyone think? http://extramustard.si.com/2013/07/17/the-nashville-predators-painted-their-ice-gold-its-a-good-look-for-them/?sct=hp_bf1_a5&eref=sihp
  13. New and improved Lambeau looks amazing. Way better than new and "improved" Solider Field. So classy looking. Almost like a Camden Yards, in that it looks like it was made that way 50 years ago and yet will still look great 50 years from now. My favorite part of this picture is all the new shareholders including my wife and I helped pay for the latest renovations.
  14. I had the pleasure of meeting my dad's childhood hero and my own. So I had Pete Rose sign a ball at a card show and my mom bought me a Nolan Ryan autograph for a birthday. When I met Nolan Ryan, my cousin and myself were in a private tour of the Ballpark In Arlington when Nolan walked into the locker room. I thanked him for the memories and asked if I could have a picture taken. I keep that picture of that up at work along with family pictures. Now that my son was born two weeks ago, I want to down the line get him the chance to see his hero and put up an autograph ball next to grandpa's and my hero.
  15. The GM of the El Paso AAA team said on a radio interview they wanted to go with a fresh start. The Diablos are on their last legs and the ownership group is looking for a buyer. So if anyone here wants to own their own baseball team, you can put in an offer.
  16. People in El Paso are rather upset with the choices. There was a push to bring back the old Sun Kings. I'm a fan of the Chihuahuas. Just think of an angry dog on the cap wearing a Mexican hat.
  17. I used to be a Redskin fan thanks to my dad growing up. This was hard living in El Paso, Texas since it's Cowboy country. Back in 2011 the Packers offered stock and I was more than happy to switch teams just to have the privilege of saying my wife and I are NFL owners. The best part is I get so much love when I wear my green and gold around town. So in my case I did jump on a bandwagon, but I did have to put my money where my mouth is.
  18. The Packers were independent from 1919 to 1920. They joined the NFL in 1921. So the shirt is refering to that.
  19. Mike Brito was an icon to Dodger games along with Tommy Lasorda and Vin Sculley. Too bad he was a victim of automatic radar guns and luxury boxes. I do have one complaint of Dodger stadium. I've been there once and I didn't like the fact that you are not allowed to walk around the entire park. If you have second deck seats you are not going to be able to make your way down or over to the outfield.
  20. Saddest part is, I'm not only shocked to see a logo with guns in this day and age, but totally flabbergasted that a gun-free logo was changed to include them after the public revolted against the *lack* of guns. I would not expect anything less. Sports Illustrated once said that NMSU has the most politically incorrect fight song with this line. "We will pop a keg of booze, wobble in our shoes, and drink to the Aggies win or loose."
  21. Wow, so what's the story here. Why does Ok State's logo look so much like that old NM St logo? Who copied who? Actually Pistol Pete was a real cowboy who avenged his father's murder. He wound up selling his likeness to the University of Wyoming, Oklahoma State, and New Mexico state. So nobody is really ripping anyone else.
  22. New Mexico State had a revolt when our original Pistol Pete was modernized in 2000's. This was our original Pistol Pete This was the modernized version made in 2005. The big complaint was he was missing his pistols and fans called him Lasso Larry instead. After a few years of complaining, Pistol Pete got his guns back. I personally prefer the black hat and guns look.
  23. Speaking of MLS expansion, I would love to share a story that's going on here in El Paso, Texas. We are looking at having a bond election on November. There is talk about building a MLS level of stadium to lure a team. Is it me or are the city leaders living in a pipe dream to have a team here? I'm sure that there are better qualified cities than El Paso.
  24. Does a bat with pine tar on it really qualify as "unique?" I don't know how old you are, but Google George Brett pine tar incident. Billy Martin when he was mannager of the Yankees called to the attention of the ump that his bat had too much pine tar. Brett's reaction was priceless. What actually is pine tar? Pine tar is mainly tree sap rubbed on bats to make the handle sticky and create a better grip. It got started before batting gloves were introduced to the game.
  25. Does a bat with pine tar on it really qualify as "unique?" I don't know how old you are, but Google George Brett pine tar incident. Billy Martin when he was mannager of the Yankees called to the attention of the ump that his bat had too much pine tar. Brett's reaction was priceless.