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  1. Maryland does (or did) the same thing (Nats). anybody see their hideous uniform number font this season: personally i like it....maybe not black on black, its nice to see a "vintage" font used in baseball
  2. i've always liked 2 or 11 (since i'm a twin)
  3. i say these two teams have a storyied history together....and theyre playing great...celebrate it (cash in on it)..however way
  4. what about a plaid vest......?
  5. i can't wait to see these jerseys next to torontos in next years nhl catalog.......i like the clean look, just maybe a darker blue (a stormy blue)
  6. thats a nice look in all football......
  7. i was thinking since it is a farm team for the white on the single sock logo, but make it look like a baseball shoe in a sprinting postion.
  8. agreed here.......keep me posted where you can get one.....
  9. There was one little thing that seemed odd, coming from a team source: Not quite a season there, Mr. Becknell. Try a couple of preseason games. Wonder what kind of reaction they really got from the fans. i think those unis are more "brass" looking which also would go with the headline states
  10. i hope so.. it would be nice nickname a nod to the parent team while still having your own identity, just like the the tigers and lakeland team.
  11. i hope the pirates take a little from those unis and at least make them batting practice jerseys, (since they're getting new ones next year?)
  12. the simplicity of black, grey/silver and white
  13. i think this time the Clippers are hosting the asg