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  1. Congratulations on getting back your team's awesome true look - in the playoffs at least. Since '07, every time my Canucks play the Flames, it's been a matchup of polar opposites: Flames, beautiful crest but a terrible uniform. Canucks, beautiful uniform but a terrible crest. At least, Flames ownership and management are acknowledging the entire Flames fan base and the club's heritage and history. I may be a long-suffering Canucks fan but Calgary fans have suffered in their own right. The very best of luck in the playoffs. Maybe, the Flames can capture the Cup at home at the Saddledome in those beautiful reds.
  2. Perhaps I should be more specific... Navy blue at home with the current set or go with royal blue at home along with bringing back the Gretzky-era set?
  3. Agreed. Royal blue or navy blue?
  4. I would buy that shirt in a heartbeat. Beautiful.
  5. ^^^^^^ After this recent response, I am finished with Canucks logo/uniform discussion. No matter what the Canucks decide to do, Johnny Canuck, Orca, Stick in Rink, pink jerseys with brown polka-dots, whatever, the chips will fall where they may. Thankfully, I have a second favourite team in the Golden Knights along with their first-class organization and beautiful brand.
  6. My Canucks uniform is royal blue, green and white with a non-Orca themed Canucks crest. Johnny Canuck is on the sweaters as either the primary crest or as a secondary logo on the shoulders with either the classic Stick in Rink or a recoloured Skate as the primary. Block font with green bordering replaces the sterile Agency font. After that, it's all good from my end.
  7. If the Canucks went with a recoloured version of the Skate in blue, green and silver, updated the striping and went back to block-style font, I would still be happy. The corporate orca is the only Canucks logo I despise.
  8. A lot of tourists and people from other countries think that a Canuck IS an orca. Vancouver is primarily known for the mountains, greenery and surrounding waters. The actual reason for the Orca was because the former ownership from Seattle, Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment, wanted their corporate identity on the Canucks' brand. The Canucks are named after Johnny Canuck.
  9. The Aquilini ownership also didn't own the rights to Johnny Canuck. Common sense would have been that if the orca were to be kept long-term, the Orca Bay-era template would have been kept with the royal blue and green replacing dark blue and burgundy. The greenless orca, the arched VANCOUVER and the sterile Agency font have dumbed down the classic mid 70's uniform.
  10. #1 & #3 are my favourites.
  11. What I like about the updated Stick in Rink is the white negative space that forms the C. The crooked stick with the cartoony blade ruin what should be a great update to a timeless classic. That's why I created this:
  12. Trevor Linden was only toeing the corporate Orca Bay line. Orca Bay wanted their corporate stamp on the Canucks' brand. Minority owner Arthur Griffiths and team president & GM Pat Quinn both wanted Johnny Canuck. Majority owner John McCaw and his corporate "yes man" Stan McCammon(the guy who screwed up the Gretzky signing with Vancouver) wanted their beloved orca.
  13. B for Boston and for Bruins. I already mentioned that the bruin is on their shoulders.
  14. Beautiful work. Love it.