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  1. Bushleague organization. Had the NHL been run by hockey people instead of lawyers and non-hockey/sports people, the "Wild" would cease to exist today.
  2. Wilders is really no different than Lakers or Sounders. Northern Lights was the best option available, unfortunately. I liked it. However, anything goes in Gary Bettman's NHL, even if it is ridiculous.
  3. There have been pro teams to win championships and have changed or in in the process of changing their names. Going with "Minnesota Saints"(return to the WHA name without the "Fighting" part) would make a lot of sense. After all, the team does play in Saint Paul. They can even use the North Stars' old kelly green and yellow-gold. Whether or not the NFL Saints would want to share their trademarked name is another story. Then again, Winnipeg & NY Jets. That's why "Minnesota Wilders" makes sense. There is no such thing as a "wilder" but neither is a "laker". The "Wilders" could still use the same highly creative bear-forest crest. I would, then, just change the red to a light orange. No team in major league sports has a forest green and orange look which would look amazing.
  4. The "Kraks" are growing on me but I will never have room in my sports heart for the Wild. It's one thing for the State of Hockey to lose its iconic North Stars brand because of a carpetbagging owner. It's another to replace the North Stars brand with the WORST team name in major pro sports. Now, if the team were called the "Wilders", like the Minneapolis Lakers were not the "Minneapolis Lakes", and still used the same bear-forest crest, I would fully be on board.
  5. When the Kraken name became official, I was absolutely furious. Still not a fan of the name but at least, it's far better than Minnesota "Wild" because the team can still be called the "Kraks", like the "Avs", "Pens", "Preds" & "Isles". The simplicity of the S crest, the Space Needle anchor secondary & the colours are beautiful.
  6. How about eggplant purple and orange?? That would be perfect.
  7. Sorry, couldn't find "Good Humour" ice-cream so I had to settle for good ol' Breyers
  8. "Kraken" is a better name than "Canucks". Really?? You just love "kraken" up sarcasm. A little too much sun for you, eh?
  9. I know it's pronounced "Crack-in". Bring on the Krakhead and Krak House mockery. It's such a joke of a team name that it's not "Kraken" me up one bit.
  10. If the name were pronounced "Krey-kin" instead of "Crack-in", I might grow to tolerate it more. Even as the "Kreyks" in short would make it easier to accept. Unfortunately, Seattle pulled a Minnesota "Wild" and went with bushleague, gimmicky and ridiculous, no matter how great the logos and colours are.
  11. Everything about the Kraken brand is actually quite nice. All except the name.
  12. Nothing political. Progressive as in opposite of traditional.
  13. Seattle was long overdue for an NHL franchise and the franchise blew it big time. Bushleague and gimmicky name and a bland navy and red colour scheme(only the seafoam adds a little distinctiveness). Only to cater to a young and radically progressive demographic instead of going with a far better and a safer choice of a name and a distinctive colour scheme(example: two shades of green) that would go over well with fan bases of all ages - from those who followed the WHL Totems to today's youth. Extremely disappointing. Seattle's NHL franchise has lost all my interest. I despised the Minnesota "Wild" name from Day 1 in 2000 and 20 years later, my feelings and thoughts on the "Wild" name are no different. The same will hold true with the Kraken in 20+ years.
  14. It better NOT be Kraken. This is the big league NHL we're talking about here, not some roller hockey league. Totems, Emeralds and Evergreens are my #1 choices but Sockeyes has a nice sound to it. Hockey Heaven forbid, if it's Kraken, I will lose ALL interest.
  15. This is North America. Doing things the North American way is no different than doing things in Europe the European way. You probably weren't around during the NASL's glory years. The Whitecaps name carries a lot of weight in Great Britain considering British legends played for the NASL Whitecaps and helped them win Soccer Bowl '79. The Cosmos name carried a lot of weight around the world. The Chicago Sting were popular in Germany because of their German all-star striker Karl-Heinz Granitza. My Hungarian-born dad was a Whitecaps season-ticket holder and he took me to games. I would watch Whitecaps away games on local television as I familiarized myself with other NASL clubs. That's how I got into soccer. Not by jumping on the bandwagon of some successful club in the English Premiership.