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  1. The Canucks won 6 Lester Patrick Cup championships in their 25 years in the Pacific Coast/Western Hockey League, including their final two seasons prior to joining the NHL
  2. The Yankees and Mets both use a stylized NY without using an animal.
  3. Johnny Canuck is a Canadian lumberjack. A lumberjack is featured in the City of Vancouver's Coat of Arms. Blue and green are Vancouver colours. There you go. Want a more specifically designed local logo? Use a V with 'CANUCKS' on the inside using blue and green. No animals. Just simple and basic.
  4. Instead of telling people to look up the meaning of "Canuck", why not show it to them on a non-Orca Canucks jersey that feature Johnny Canuck as the primary crest or with either the Stick in Rink or the Skate with JC on the shoulders?? For example, one wears his/her Canucks jersey on the road in an Eastern U.S. city like New York City, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh and is approached by fans of the host teams with questions like "What's a Canuck?" "What the heck is a Canuck?!" That Canucks fan can just point to the JC logo on the jersey and proudly introduce our iconic lumberjack to those bewildered fans. Back in '07 when the original Orca jerseys came out, fans at the NHL Draft in Pittsburgh chanted "FREE WILLY! FREE WILLY!" when Canucks first round pick Brad Ference put on the new Orca jersey. As a longtime Canucks fan, that was embarrassing to listen to.
  5. Johnny Canuck doesn't represent any racial demographic. Johnny Canuck is the personification of Canada. My point in my comment on page 81 was in response to DastardlyRidleylash's race card playing comment about JC being "white". And no matter what skin tone JC is, he's whom the Canucks are named after. As for the other two Canucks logos...very simple...the Canucks are a hockey club. The Stick in Rink are two hockey elements coming together to form a C for Canucks - altogether Canucks Hockey Club in Vancouver, BC colours of blue, green and white. The Speeding Skate on a circle(obviously a puck) symbolizes the speed of hockey. A Canuck is also a nickname for a Canadian like a Yankee is to an American and hockey is Canada's most popular sport.
  6. How the Canucks got their name... At the :57 mark....
  7. An orca is not a Canadian animal. Orcas are found worldwide and there are many orcas that swim along the American coast. A Canuck is not an animal nor does it have anything to do with First Nations. The Orca C wasn't even designed by an Aboriginal. As for First Nations art, when the Grizzlies were in Vancouver, they had a beautiful and genuine First Nations secondary logo consisting of a grizzly bear with a basketball and basket. Haida First Nations artists worked with the Grizzlies in establishing their brand. At the end of the day, the logo centred around the Grizzlies' name.
  8. I have news for you my friend.... The City of Vancouver was built on the lumber industry as well as the fishing industry. If it weren't for those two things, Vancouver would cease it exist today as we know it. Meaning that all of today's industries that you've mentioned would exist somewhere else. And how do you know Johnny Canuck is Caucasian?? He could have been Native Canadian for all we know. The Canucks are a Canada's 3rd oldest NHL franchise with a pre-NHL history of 25 years, going back to 1945. They're not a Y2K franchise and Vancouver wasn't created in 1996. It was created in 1886, thanks to both the lumber and fishing industries. Have a good day.
  9. Fans who don't identify with the Orca have been around a lot longer than those that do identify with it, so the older generations of fans should come first and foremost. Even for someone like myself who proudly grew up with the Flying V and Skate, I have a strong appreciation for the Canucks' heritage and history. If it weren't for Orca Bay, there never would have been an orca logo to begin with. Actually, going full-circle back to the classic Stick in Rink with Johnny Canuck as a secondary is something the majority of Canucks fans would favour, including Skate supporters. Long-time hockey experts have said that going back to the classic 1970 uniforms would make the most sense. If Johnny Canuck were the fourth primary logo, whether it's the Skating version or even the 3D Johnny Canuck C concept, most fans would breath a big sigh of relief and say "We finally have a Canuck for a primary. Good riddance corporate Orca". Agency font is very cheap. Less material. No bordering - also cheap. Even the Golden Knights proudly show their steel grey and gold in the classic block font. Boston is a long-time famous hub city. Vancouver is not an orca city. It's a city known for its natural surroundings, like the mountains and water which is why the Canucks went with blue, green and white in the first place.
  10. Chewbacca, I echo your exact sentiments 110%. Unfortunately, as long as this crooked ownership group owns the Canucks, the Orca isn't going anywhere. I've always hated the Orca because of the corporate connection to Orca Bay and the way OBSE pushed their Orca agenda in the Canucks organization. Now, I have a second reason for hating the Orca...the Aquilinis. When Francesco Aquilini boldly states that "we have a new generation of fans" and the Orca "is indigenous to the area", he is clearly dividing the fan base of Canada's 3rd oldest NHL franchise by telling longtime and knowledgeable fans who go back to the Pacific Coliseum days, the long losing years, from the WHL and early days of the franchise that they and their views as Canucks fans no longer count. He is also continuing the club's identity crisis when it really is an easy fix - 1970 Stick in Rink and Johnny Canuck. I personally think that what Francesco said was absolute malarkey. The real reason for keeping the Orca is that costs an awful lot of money to change a primary logo altogether. It's a lot cheaper to tweak and go cut-and-paste. Even the weak Agency font with no green is a lot cheaper than traditional Athletic block font with bordering. Unlike owners like Buffalo's Tom Pegula, Vegas's Bill Foley and Dallas's Tom Gaglardi(wish he had gotten the Canucks *sigh*), the Aquilinis don't have a true feel for hockey and sports in general. It's only about the mighty $$$$$$. I have friends whose families know the Aquilinis and they have clearly stated that the Canucks owners are BAD news. They just don't care. Why should someone have to accept a logo that one doesn't like? I love the Skate but I'm not offended if someone doesn't like it. Why should people have to settle for anything that they feel is inappropriate or wrong?? There are reasons why the Orca is so controversial. For starters, it doesn't fit the Canucks name. Any team on the west coast can call themselves the "Orcas" or "Whales"(on NHL Seattle's team name list), but is there another major pro sports team in Canada called "Canucks"?? No. "Canucks" is a great Canadian hockey team name and it needs to be branded properly.
  11. What you mean by obnoxious is that you disapprove of vibrant colours. There's a saying..."Less is more". The true North Stars look was kelly green, white and yellow-gold. Otherwise, they could have just gone to a similar green the Wild currently have. No different from the NBA SuperSonics. The Flames' red, white and yellow-gold is perfect for a team with a fire-themed name. In fact, NYC's fire trucks have the same striped design as the Flames' reds. No different from the KC Chiefs uniforms. Some teams have very dark primaries. Some teams have vibrant dark primaries. It's called variety.
  12. If they're the old Colorado Rockies, yes. However, adding red to the Blues' look was as much a mistake as adding black to the Flames' and North Stars' schemes. The best Blues look was their original electric powder blue and yellow-gold with the yokes on their whites and on their early 80's away blues.
  13. I absolutely love the idea of the Canucks making green their primary with navy blue helmets and pants. It's a look that they can easily own...even if Seattle goes with green. Johnny Canuck is my Canucks logo all the way, but because of his green shirt, I think JC could use a backdrop platform, ie, a V, a C or a roundel.
  14. The Sabres and Canucks are expansion cousins and comparisons will be made. That's just the way it is. Deal with it buddy.
  15. Another reason why I love the Golden Knights' uniforms. Shiny/metallic gold and white looks so vintage together.