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  1. Burgundy helmets and burgundy pants would be perfect. It would create a much better balance with the blue trim. Because the Avs have a burgundy mountain hemline on their whites, I would stick with the blue pants with the whites and add a blue number font as well.
  2. An ice blue alternate for the Kraken would look amazing. I'd even make the helmets ice blue while sticking with the dark navy pants. A uniform matchup vs a team in royal blue or green(Wild) would be a can't-miss.
  3. I just love the navy blue and kelly green combo. I always imagined that look for the Canucks. Anyway, I would go with "Abbotsford Aviators" because of Abbotsford's longstanding aviation programs.
  4. A navy blue Oilers uniform that uses the same template as the classic royal blue version would look beautiful. I would definitely keep the orange yokes and sleeves. Otherwise, it becomes just another generic navy uniform.
  5. The Agency font is sterile and weak. Prior to the '07 Reebok rebrand, the Canucks had always used the traditional Athletic block font. What should've happened was continuing on with the block-font with an added green border.
  6. Actually, quite the opposite. It was Gretzky and team success that sold Kings merchandise. Had the Kings kept the purple and yellow-gold but went back to the original crown sweaters or went with something like the retro reverse with the Chevy shield, the Kings would have sold far more merchandise.
  7. The Avs should wear matching burgundy helmets and pants at home but blue instead of BFBS is a definite improvement.
  8. The single yellow outline on the font and their crest is good enough. The Sabres have and the Bruins of the 70's to the early 90's also had a single yellow border on the font on their whites. The NFL Chiefs have the exact same bordering format and colours as the Flames. As long as the yellow isn't the main colour of the font on the whites(Minnesota Wild Retro Reverse) and the yellow is touching the dark coloured font as bordering is more than acceptable in my books.
  9. Very nice yellow-gold Bruins sweaters. I would have gone with yellow helmets. The Flyers are the dark-coloured team and their black helmets work, not the Bruins' black lids.
  10. With the exception of the Canucks' logo and their bland Agency font, the uniform matchup between the Canucks and Flames is definitely gorgeous. The 80's and early 90's hot-coloured Canucks-Flames matchup was also very beautiful
  11. The blue number bordering is lighter than the royal blue on the jerseys. Definitely, the powdery Hawaiian electric blue for sure. Black and blue look great together but the blue needs be lighter than royal blue.
  12. I agree. They are gorgeous. However, the blue needs to be least a powder blue for better contrast with the black. Similar to the shade of blue the NBA Orlando Magic have.
  13. Nothing wrong with either orange. After all, the Flyers could wearing creamsicle.
  14. Now, THAT is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. The crown inside the white shield should be gold. Nevertheless, the best Retro Reverse uniform in the NHL. Make it the primary. Minnesota "Lights" Up Blues 9-2. Lights Clip Wings 4-1.
  15. Avalanche - Avs. Kraken -Kraks Wild - ??????? Northern Lights is no different than North Stars, Flames, Red Wings, Flyers, Blue Jackets, etc.
  16. Because Northern Lights makes more sense and is more traditionally sounding for a big league sports franchise??
  17. It can still be done. The Wild haven't accomplished a thing other than having the worst team name in major pro sports. The State of Hockey deserves a lot better.
  18. The Flyers took on the orange and black from Philadelphia's original NHL team, the Quakers. There's no reason why the North Stars' green and yellow-gold can't be used by another Minnesota franchise. Totally agree with @MinnyHockey.
  19. The Norm Green(Black) jersey - the worst jersey in the NHL when it first came out. It was a big "screw you" to longtime North Stars fans and the North Stars timeless brand. N☆
  20. It's far better to have a nice-looking home & away set and an ugly 3rd and RR than the other way around. I will be sure to have an ice-cold 2L bottle of Sprite handy. I may get awfully thirsty.
  21. The Coyotes' red is more of a deep red, aka. Brick red. The Avs' burgundy is more maroon/purplish.
  22. A big YAY and two thumbs up. The Avs are the only burgundy team in the NHL and they need to emphasize that colour a lot more. I couldn't disagree more. The Rangers don't wear red helmets to match their red pants. It would look terrible. The Capitals and Devils used to wear red helmets to go with their red sweaters while wearing darker pants. In fact, the Devils should have kept the red helmets when they jumped on the Chicago Bulls' red and black bandwagon. The Golden Knights' steel grey helmets look amazing with the steel grey sweaters. As for yellow, it's a light colour like white and matching helmets with the sweaters and socks is a complete look. If the NHL ever reverts back to lights being worn at home, the Predators would need a matching navy blue set for the road while keeping the yellow-golds at home like the 80s Kings and Canucks.