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  1. Horrible. Just horrible. With "Impact", the name could be used in either English or French. The USL Impact was the most successful Montreal soccer club and keeping that same identity when they joined MLS was the right thing. The upgraded fleur-de-lis crest was awesome and it gave Montreal its own identity. Absolutely hate MLS's current EFES trend... European For European Sakes.
  2. The NHL and NBA are multi-billion dollar businesses. AFirestorm is 110% spot on. It IS pure greed. The NHL just put ads on the ice behind the nets. In the meantime, many of these mega corporations are overworking and underpaying their employees but they have no problem spending millions of dollars on turning any space in sports into billboards.
  3. Very, very well said. Initially, I wasn't big on the Impact name. I actually preferred the old NASL Montreal name, the Montreal Manic. The Manic are named after a river in the Province of Quebec. However, through time and the beautiful French blue and black verticals, the Impact name grew on me. No different than Manchester United. The Impact with its colour scheme, crest and USL championship success started to become their own entity. I absolutely hate the dismissal of the great things of the NASL and North American soccer by today's North American soccer fans due to their strong bias towards the English Premiership and other European leagues. No official team names is not a soccer/European football thing. It's a European sports thing. Not that it's wrong. It's a European sports tradition. However, we have our sports traditions here in North America, no matter what the sport. Our traditions need to be respected too. If it weren't for the NASL and its legacy, MLS would not exist today.
  4. We'll agree to disagree, then. Cheers.
  5. Always hated the gimmicky big-foot secondary logo. The Colorado C is so much better. The A-mountain crest is beautiful and timeless but the Avs could've had much nicer uniforms by emphasising their burgundy and steel blue instead of incorporating bland black in their colour scheme. The Avs' Stanley Cup-winning lineup in the 90's and early 2000's spared their uniforms a lot of necessary criticism.
  6. I totally agree on the Kings. Day and night compared to the cheap garbage they have now.
  7. Both were wearing white uniforms too. The NHL is not going with a one helmet rule. It would look ridiculous.
  8. The Sabres and Flames did a much, much better job in their uniform releases compared to the Canucks who had a bunch of youth with glum looks on their faces modeling the new sweaters and gear.
  9. I do love the Predators' yellow. Yellow, though should be used as the light colour base, looks great with yellow helmets. Navy helmets are already used by other teams. Therefore, yes, we'll agree to disagree. Cheers.
  10. The Predators' yellow helmets go naturally with their yellow sweaters. Matter of fact, yellow-gold should be their light colour like it was for the Kings and Canucks back in the 70s and 80s. The Preds could then use a navy set for their darks. White sweaters have white helmets. Yellow sweaters have yellow helmets. A little variety in light-coloured uniforms and I'm very happy that the Predators embraced yellow including the helmets.
  11. You got to have the last word, eh? Blah, blah, blah. Have a wonderful day.
  12. You couldn't be more wrong, sorry. How is the original Stick in Rink butchered?? It's hockey stick looks precisely like an actual hockey stick, the stick isn't crooked and the overall crest can very easily be inverted. The current updated version can't be inverted to make it stand out the whites and it's stick looks very cartoony. This is a proper update:
  13. If it's a reversed retro of the Stick in Rink, it would most likely be and should be the original Stick in Rink with the blue and green inverted from the '72-'78 blue sweaters. Not the current butchered Stick in Rink.
  14. I would much prefer the realistic classic crown over the pretentious one the Kings currently use. Purple and gold is my first choice but the classic crown would look great in black and silver.
  15. The Canucks Skate in blue and green would sell so much better than a Millionaires blue and green version. Even a white version of a recoloured Skate would be a hot seller.
  16. Official team name is an absolute must. Warriors; Red Wolves; Federals.
  17. Actually, I would love to see the Kings do a white version with silver and black of their 80's home yellow-golds. The classic crown would look amazing in black and silver.
  18. The Robo Penguin was actually a nice crest. It had thin streaking lines like the Flyers' Flying P. It's just that the Skating Penguin was around from the beginning, had/has character and was the primary crest of the back-to-back Cup championships during the Lemieux-Jagr era.
  19. I would have been able to tolerate the pedestal uniforms more if the Flames had kept, at least, the red away helmets. The red helmet/red sweater combo with darker coloured pants like the old Capitals, Devils, Cleveland Barons and 80's Team Canada was always nice to look at
  20. The NBA Orlando Magic use a similar blue that the Lightning could use. Furthermore, it's a blue that can be used as an alternate. If the blue and black were inverted from the original blacks, considering a lighter blue, the Lightning would've had an amazing alternate.
  21. That is a great logo. However, the blue should be changed to a powdery electric blue. That shade of royal blue has no contrast with the black.
  22. If the Flames were 2000 franchise and not a 1972/1980 franchise, I would agree. I never once dismissed Blasty the Flaming Horse. Matter of fact, if I were designing the Flames' future alternate, I would make Blasty the primary crest on the exact same red sweater with the '04-'07 template and add the white Flaming C from '94-2000 to the shoulders. It would be the Flames' version of the Rangers' Liberty sweaters.
  23. The Lightning's black sweaters are one of my favourite black sweaters. The white shoulder yokes gave them uniqueness and distinctiveness. I'm glad they ditched their original font and went with block font at the time.