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  1. I totally agree with the Canucks sticking with blue, green and white. Not only because they are PNW colours but they're the Canucks' original colours. However, red and yellow do have a Vancouver/Western Canadian look to them. The red is Canadian, the yellow represents BC's sunsets while the black, as a dark base, complements both the red and yellow. As for Seattle, they could still have their own version of blue and green. The Canucks are royal blue with kelly green but Seattle could be forest green with sky blue/teal/seafoam.
  2. Forest green instead of navy should be used as the primary. Would look great with salmon red and seafoam. There's more than enough teams that can use navy either as a primary or as a 3rd. In that case, let the Canucks wear green, as a 3rd at least.
  3. I couldn't agree with you more. Back in the 80's, when the Thunderbirds changed from their Breakers identity and the demise of the USFL(Boston/New Orleans/Portland Breakers) I was in full support of seeing the "Seattle Breakers" in the NHL. And this is before I even heard of the old pro WHL Totems. Compatible with other NHL club names: Breakers, Rangers, Islanders, Flyers, Oilers. Breakers, Bruins, Blues. Breakers, Sharks, Kings, Ducks, Canucks, Flames, Oilers. Catchy slogans: "Breaking the Ice", "Breakaway", "Breakthrough". Possible colour schemes: Powder blue with navy blue, forest green with powdery sky blue, forest green with teal, navy blue with powdery sky blue. Silver, orange or yellow-gold as light accents. A streaking two-colour 'S'-wave could be the crest.
  4. I believe the trademark issues are related to the "Sockeyes" name and it's namesake used for the book title by Jami Davenport. Hockey Heaven forbid, if NHLSeattle goes with Kraken, I will lose ALL interest in Seattle's NHL existence.
  5. Speaking of the Thunderbirds, I cannot understand how a name like "Breakers", the previous name of the Thunderbirds franchise was not included on the list. "Seattle Breakers" flows off the tongue very easily, sounds compatible with other well-established NHL clubs and a variety of shades of green, teal and blue with either a touch of yellow or orange can be used for a simple yet effective colour scheme.
  6. Go back to purple as the primary. Purple and red, a colour scheme no other team in sports uses.
  7. Sorry, but my NASL keeps its North American brand. It's still the same sport. I can live with the FC's but I much prefer SC and the full-name, City & Official Team Name. The only change to the NASL would be is to get rid of the ridiculous points system of 6 points for a reg, or OT win, 4 points for a shootout win(no shootouts except in the playoffs) and 1 point for every goal scored up to 3. The MLS's current standings format, along with FIFA's is the best way
  8. I much prefer the original lighter shade of teal. In the age of HD, vibrant primary colours should be used. Especially if the secondary colour is black or a very dark colour. Love the grey shading on the shark as well as the original triangle.
  9. It makes total sense for the Canucks to go back to the original and timeless '70 Stick in Rink with the white V's on the sleeve stripes as the primary home and away. More white on the original blues to separate the blue and green is needed though. The 3rd would be a green skating Johnny Canuck and the ever-popular black Skate would be a throwback 3-4 times a season.
  10. No. Corporate PC hockey is a reflection of the Orca logo. That's all I'm going to say. Moving on to other logo and uniform topics until there's new Canucks-related logo/uniform news. Cheers.
  11. Sorry, but I can never connect the Orca to the Canucks' name and the hockey club's origins. It just screams corporate PC hockey and not Canucks hockey. The classic 1970 Stick in Rink or at least, a recoloured Skate with the addition of Johnny Canuck as a secondary is what I would go with.
  12. Replace the burgundy with green and the corporate logo with Johnny Canuck and it's timeless.
  13. I cannot believe that "Kraken" was far more popular than "Breakers" which scored extremely poor in the polls. Thankfully, "Totems" is still highly popular. NHL Seattle Countdown (@NHLSeaCountdown) Tweeted: Breakers
  14. The Kings being the only team to be able to wear purple and gold is being the only NHL team that is.
  15. I disagree regarding the Kings and Nordiques. The Kings did abandon purple and gold just as much as the Sabres abandoned blue and gold in '96. Black and silver does suit the Kings but it can suit another team like the Lightning, minus the blue. However, the bold and distinctive look of purple and gold can only be used by the Kings because it represents royalty. As for the Nordiques, the powder blue represents Quebec and the red represents Canada. For example, when the Nordiques played the Rangers, it was easy to tell what colours and uniform template belonged to whom. The Rangers wear royal blue and red pants.
  16. There are teams who have had both failure and success with the same colour scheme. The Red Wings were the "Dead Things" of the 70's and early 80's in the very same uniforms worn during the Gordie Howe and Steve Yzerman/Hockey Town Cup-winning eras. The Capitals were horrible in their first 8 seasons in the ☆☆RWB☆☆ but as soon Rod Langway arrived from Montreal plus the drafting of d-man Scott Stevens along with fine offensive players, the Capitals became contenders in the tough Patrick Division for the rest of the 80's and early 90's. The purple(Forum blue) and yellow-gold were not the reason for the Kings' failures. The Kings would have had the exact same success with those colours(perhaps a home white) with Gretzky's arrival.
  17. I always thought it was possible to have the Kings be a purple team again but with silver and Athletic gold. White as the light base.
  18. No thank you. Maybe for a future NLL franchise but definitely not for an NHL franchise.
  19. Strongly disagree, sorry. Never liked the Orca Bay uniforms. Matter of fact, the recoloured original Stick in Rink secondary logo was the only element I liked about those sweaters. The updated Stick in Rink is a butchered version of a timeless classic. A recoloured Skate with block font would be my choice for a third and the Flying V as a throwback.
  20. Beautiful uniform matchup. Those white Flames uniforms are absolutely timeless.
  21. I would use the updated 2D centurion on the toned-down barber pole template that was recently used. It would be a Top 10 NHL uniform.
  22. They only thing consistent with the Canucks' previous uniforms has been the use of traditional and timeless Athletic block font. The new banners look great overall but the respective block font from each jersey should've been included as well. The Canucks should have never used this sterile and weak Agency font.