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  1. It's about time and they look great. Now, let's correct the font and they're perfect. The Canucks have always used the traditional and timeless Athletic block font before the Aquilini ownership took over. The current Agency font is one of the worst fonts in sports.
  2. If NHLSeattle were to be so foolish by giving the club a name that is not only bushleague but fan divisive, that would ruin Seattle's long awaited arrival of NHL hockey. There are team names, logos and colour schemes that can grow on fans and then there are others that fans would either love or hate. Kraken falls into the latter category. It would mean lots of angry bickering among the club's fans and sports fans, especially on social media and here on these message boards, prompting moderators to end future discussions about Seattle's NHL team and that wouldn't be good. That's why it's always best to go with a team name with a rich local/state flavour, comes of the tongue smoothly, sounds compatible with other longtime traditional NHL team names and has a distinctive but simple crest and colour scheme.
  3. No argument from me. It was already said that Kraken and Totems(my #1 choice) were already eliminated from the list and now it's rumoured that the top 5 choices are Sockeyes, Emeralds, Rainiers, Sea Lions and Cougars have made the final 5.
  4. I will take the recoloured Flying V over updated Stick in Rink, my second least favourite Canucks logo. I would put the full-body Johnny Canuck on the arms of the Flying V. It's a jersey that would constantly $ell out.
  5. That is a great concept. However, I wonder what are the chances of having forest green instead of black? I think the "Sockeyes" can own a look consisting of salmon red with forest green and turquoise. An all-forest green 3rd would look gorgeous.
  6. Okay, that answers my question. Thank you for clarifying. I know San Francisco is well-known for its abundance of seals but wasn't aware of sea lion ties to Seattle.
  7. First choice: Emeralds. A two-tone green team. Solid as a "rock". Ems in short sounds good. Second choice: Rainiers. A solid sports team name with history. Third choice: Sockeyes. "Rock'em, Sock'em" Sockeyes. Aboriginal art in the crest as a nod to the PNW's Aboriginal people and the old WHL Totems would be a nice touch. No to Cougars. Florida has the Panthers as in the Florida panther, a cougar/mountain lion species. Are there any sea lions on the Seattle coast??
  8. The Oilers have always used the Blackhawks' white sweater striping for their home and aways. Their previous orange sweater with the royal blue was using the Canucks' current blue sweater striping.
  9. That star-designed jersey was tacky. A sorry excuse for a big league hockey sweater.
  10. Sorry to inform you but the first thing about a uniform a fan looks at when that particular team is in action is the colour scheme.
  11. The bottom line is that the Stars, for the very first time, since moving to Dallas have a beautiful, traditional and distinctive uniform set that they can call their own. They are the first NHL team to wear a vibrant green sweater and socks with black helmets and pants. Just like the Sharks back in '91 but with teal and black. Whenever one turns on a hockey game on TV and the Stars are in action, there's no mistaking them. And if they do decide to wear a black alternate, Victory green would look so much better as a secondary than dark green.
  12. Dark green and black or any two dark colours on the same uniform is a big NO-NO. There needs to be contrast. It's like having black and navy or navy and darkened royal blue(Maple Leafs). There is no such thing as being "too green". With 31 teams(soon to be 32), there needs to be more than just blue, navy, black and red uniforms. Kelly/Victory green is one of the nicest colours in sports. It's why I've always loved the pre-'88 green North Stars and the 80's Whalers uniforms. Bright and vibrant colours don't equal gaudy. Purple/gold is also worn by the NBA Lakers and NFL Vikings. The Blues' electric powder blue and gold was distinctive and set them apart from the Sabres' royal blue and gold. There is a thing called "variety". Not every team has to be stuck on dark colour bases. With games broadcast in HD, uniforms with a vibrant colour base and with a contrasting colour scheme are needed. Sports is supposed to be entertaining...even if the game itself is boring and uneventful. That's why there is a topic on the message boards in relation to "uniform matchups".
  13. The current Stars uniforms are the best look the franchise has had since moving to Dallas. The best North Stars uniforms are the blackfree kelly green and Athletic gold N☆ uniforms. The '78-81' set are one of my all-time favourites.
  14. Dropping silver for black was a huge mistake by the Stampeders. No team in pro sports, let alone pro football, uses red and silver. The Stamps owned those colours like the Blue Bombers own royal blue and metallic gold.
  15. The Lions made big strides in the uniforms last season with their awesome black helmets with the white-orange-white stripe and return to the BC Lion head logo on both sides and adding bordering to the jersey numbers. Now, it's time to replace the shoulder yokes with sleeve stripes and replace the orange pants with white ones for the home unis. Both the orange and black pants look great on the road ones.
  16. My problem with the Coyotes' originals wasn't the Kachina trim. It was having more colours than a rainbow and too many dark colours altogether. A brick red and sand as the main colors and another accent colour with the Kachina could give Arizona a highly respectable look. I would even favour the full-bodied prowling coyote with the circle backdrop as a primary crest.
  17. If it were the Dallas Stars and not the Minnesota North Stars that joined the league in '67, the sweaters and crest the Stars wore today are very similar to what I envision they would've worn back in the day. Don't feel cheated. In all due respect to Dallas & Texas fans, it's the many number of long-time Minnesota North Stars fans and North Stars alumni who should still feel cheated.
  18. Those green Stars sweaters and helmets are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Love the D☆ crest too.
  19. Never meant to start one. I was only responding to the topic of Native art comparison between NHLSeattle and the Canucks which you stated. And as you could see, I changed the subject to the main discussion at hand regarding what NHLSeattle will do. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  20. Sorry but I disagree. If indeed NHLSeattle consulted with local Natives on a Native-styled crest, then all the power to them. It would be a fitting tribute to the old WHL Totems while having a crest that reflects the team name. As for the Canucks, their orca logo is a phony and pretentious version of Native art. The Canucks have far better options to choose from. Getting back on the topic of NHLSeattle, I was always hoping for the "Totems" name or at least, "Emeralds" because the NHL needs at another green team besides Dallas and Minnesota. However, if "Sockeyes" is chosen with branding elements chosen as tributes to Seattle's hockey history, I'm fully on board. It'll be a strong and first-class franchise.
  21. Let's agree that we never agree on anything. Lol. And by the way, plastic can be recycled.
  22. Then, I'm in full agreement with the NHL.
  23. Sorry, but I absolutely loved the different variety of helmet designs and shapes and all the different team colours they came in. Hockey helmets had so much character and variety in colour and style compared to the all the generic looks of today. Like Canucks' Tiger Williams and his yellow/black "tough-guy" Cooper-Winn Well, Flames' Lanny McDonald and his white/red "salad bowl" Northlands and Oilers' Wayne Gretzky and his white/royal blue Jofa.
  24. Yellow jerseys need a yellow helmet like white jerseys need a white helmet. Yellow/gold adds variety to the very large group of white uniforms.