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  1. How many times does it have to be said? It's not the 1960s any more. You can watch your team in the road wherever they're playing on High Definition television these days. You can watch any game in the league on any given night with the right cable package. The "we need to wear white at home to keep things visually interesting for the fans" argument has no merit in the year 2011. I don't go to many hockey games, but I go to / work at every Eagles game. There's something cool about being there live and seeing the "enemy" come in showing their "battle" colors. In the NFL, you get them all in their colored gear on the sideline even if they're wearing their white uniforms (especially in the winter when they all have on their parkas) but in the NHL, going to game after game of black vs white (back when the Flyers wore black and when I went to more games) really sucked. I get your point, but you're discounting the live experience too much. Exactly. I think the point is not about being able to see your team in whatever colors, but rather the people in attendance at the games. It can get old only ever seeing your team's color or alternate color against white every game. That's two or three colors all year, with one being white. Edit: just to clarify, I am speaking from the perspective of a ticketholder, someone who is in attendence for the games. I'm exactly with BBTV and BMac on why I want white sweaters at home for the NHL. It's just much cooler when you're there. And it really has nothing to do with being able to see every jersey for every team on TV if you have Center Ice. Moving on, the new Winnipeg jerseys look great (if that's what they'll really look like). Do we know what color their hockey pants will be? (Sorry if I missed it up-thread.)
  2. I fail to see the "problem" in your sentence. The problem is that every game looks exactly the same. I'd much rather have the home team wear white and play against a different colored team each night. Variety is the spice of life. When I was a kid it was fun to think about each game looking different -- white v.s. blue, white v.s. black, white v.s. red, etc. -- when we bought tickets at the beginning of the season. That was probably the start of my interest in logos and uniforms. That's a terrible idea. People are used to it now, but when the NHL first made the switch to darks at home it confused more then a few people. Your idea would make that confusion annual. Fans need to be able to associate with home and road games with one type of sweater, so they can know who the home team is the moment they tune in. Alternate sweaters are not going away, and most of them are dark. Teams like to wear their alternates in front of their home crowd to increase sweater sales. So darks at home just makes the most sense. The road team doesn't have to worry about bringing two uniform sets on a road trip. They can just pack their whites. Is it really that difficult to figure out who the home and road teams are when you tune in? The road team is listed above (or to the left) of the home team in the graphics. That's the first place I look. In the era of HDTV, you can also spot the home team's sweaters and colors in the crowd almost instantly. I don't think a switch from home whites to home darks in the middle of the season would confuse anyone. If you're a hockey fan, you'd be aware of it. And if you're a casual fan, you're probably already confused based on how every sport does home/road uniforms differently anyway.
  3. The problem with dark sweaters at home is that if you have season tickets, or just attend a lot of games, every game looks exactly the same -- your team in their dark sweater against a white team. Here's what I would do: Have teams wear white at home from the start of the season through New Years, then switch to dark jerseys at home from Jan. 1 through the end of the regular season. For the playoffs we can let home teams decide what they wear or go back to white at home or whatever. The big benefit this way is that fans will get to see all of their teams jerseys (white, dark, alternate) during the season, and light/dark jerseys from around the league as well.
  4. I think they would have sold $200,000 worth of merchandise with any logo that wasn't a complete debacle (which this isn't). Pretty sure the thinking is "We just got an NHL team! Woo!" As a non-Winnipeg fan, I like the new logo....enough. Some of the fan mock-ups (especially the one that won Paul Lukas' web poll) were way cooler. I wonder if people in Winnipeg were hoping for something cooler. Their primary looks more like a shoulder logo. It's so simple that I don't know how great it's going to look as a giant crest sewn onto a hockey sweater. Hockey logos are different from logos in football or baseball in that they're very large on the uniform and can be complicated (e.g. Blackhawks).
  5. I don't doubt that they would give a reason that lame, but it makes absolutely no sense that they couldn't produce CoolBase jerseys in tan.
  6. I absolutely hated this idea when I first read about it (here) but I'm watching the Angels game now and the stars on the back of Kendrick's jersey actually look pretty cool. It's a pretty subtle change. The hat is another story; it just looks too busy with two big stars jammed back there. It's a cool concept. Fix it next year by just leaving the stars on the back of the jersey.
  7. Sabres-Flyers always looks good.
  8. Is it me or does it seem like the socks with the white at the top were clearly meant to go with blue pants? They seem completely unnecessary otherwise.
  9. Yes. Those are outstanding. I'd also like to see them mix the plaid-brimmed hats as permanent alternates. Being unique is a good thing. And Florida teams should not have dark/bland uniforms.
  10. Angels with a gold halo just looks like the Angels. It really looked awesome today. I never thought I'd want any changes since they won the World Series with a silver halo but I may have to rethink that.
  11. Maybe I missed it in the first 23 pages, but do we have an unveiling date for these yet? You'd think it'd be before, or at, the draft but I'm wondering how the labor negotiations might be affecting all that.