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  1. Live in Buffalo, love our old b&g uniforms and the ones we used in the Winter Classic and had hoped that we would go back to those on a permanent basis with the brighter blue. With that said, I have seen many Sabres' concepts over the years and absolutely would put these as a top concept! Love how you brought back original colors and made it classic looking but yet updated it (without using silver nor piping). Simple design is very appealing. Great Job!!!
  2. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BPdx5pXCYAAtkPb.jpg:large
  3. Has anyone vectorized the "Buffalo" script yet?
  4. Based on all of the descriptions, here is my Sabres concept. I think it is probably pretty close.
  5. Being from Buffalo, I'm real picky with Bills concepts. I am a big fan of their current throwbacks, but also have been a huge fan of the red helmets. With what they wear now, the navy and royal just look a mess together. With that said, I really like your concept. The navy and royal look great together (who knew?). I surprisingly like taking the red away and I like the navy helmet. The uniforms I like a lot. The logo is a good start, but the lightning bolt looks a little out of place. Something is just off with the buffalo. It almost looks like it is running away from you (kind of like our team for the last 10 years). Overall though, one of the better Bills concepts out there and very original. Keep up the good work!
  6. I need help identifying a baseball cap manufacturer. All the label says is made in china and has a logo similar to this sewn into the rim. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Atlanta B- ? Not a bad design but not a great one. Atlanta can?t seem to figure out their identity with 3 totally different looks. Boston B ? Love the logo. They lose something without the bottom stripe but it?s a nice uniform overall. There is too much black in this league, it would have been better with more, or all gold. Buffalo A- ? Big points for bringing back the old and future permanent logo. Lose points with unneeded piping, lack of shoulder logos, and number on the front. So close, but not quit there. Got back in the A range because the slug is nowhere to be found. If I wasn't so bias, it would be a solid B+. Carolina B- ? It?s an OK design, but again, there is already too much black in the league. The shoulder logo should have been in color IMO, plus the alternate logo can be confused with a tropical storm warning. Chicago A ? The only thing wrong with these is that you cannot see where the logo ends and the uniform begins. They kept a classic. Dallas D ? Boring and lack of creativity. This is the exact same jersey as their current road jersey, the only difference are the logos. Should have went with a green alternate, even if their goal is to make these their road jerseys in the future. Edmonton A ? Classic uniform. The only thing keeping it from an A+ is that stupid collar. Los Angeles C+ ? It?s just OK. The logo is boring and the silver is too bright next to the white, yet it is also what is saving it. These do have the potential to grow on me though if they look good on a player. NY Islanders A ? Classic. Only thing keeping this from an A+ is the damn sock stripe. Reebok has to almost always screw something up, just for the sake of doing it. Ottawa F ? What a mess. From the striping to the random color under the arms and down the sides that form a point. The worst part is the crest. A nickname, come on, this is the NHL! Phoenix B+ ? A nice design and very creative. The only thing keeping it out of the A range is the logo. It looks like road kill. They should have taken their current logo, and just extended it, making a full coyote. I do like the new shoulder logo and word mark on the pants. Philadelphia A+ ? Perfect jersey, perfect color. I love the white name plate, it is something unique. I hope that other teams do not try to copy this in the future. Pittsburgh A+ ? A great combination of history and modern day. It worked perfectly during the Winter Classic, so why not. Too bad Buffalo couldn't have followed their lead. St. Louis A ? Very, very nice. Something totally different from what they have worn before, yet it has a classic look. San Jose B+ ? Lack of a creative design and bottom stripes bring this one down. The full shark logo raises it back up. Tampa C ? Very nice uniform, and in blue, but drops 2 letter grades for using a nickname, even if it does look good on the jersey. Toronto A+ ? Took what was wrong with their current road and made it right. They should use this logo for all of their jerseys. Vancouver A+ ? Again, took what was wrong with their current home uniform and made it right. I love the modern stick in rink logo and it?s nice to see Johnny on a jersey. All Star Jerseys D- ... A big mess. To much going on with these. It's a shame too, since this is part of the whole Montreal Centennial celebration. They should have went with a classic look, especially this year. Winter Classic A+ ... Both teams have a modern yet classic look. What more can you ask for. The NHL is 2 for 2 with Winter Classic jerseys. Overall, despite them being made, and in some instances, screwed up by Reebok, teams did a good job. It will be interesting to see how many of these make it to full time use to fix previous mistakes.
  8. Why is the text in the Toronto logo off center? Just because it has always been that way, still doesn't make it right. They should have fixed that for this jersey.
  9. I love how so many people post something as fact. (and it is not just you, oakland ehs) If you have some sort of "inside" information, post it. If you don't, then quit posting as fact. Until something is released, there are no guarantees as has been proven with Buffalo, St. Louis, and Carolina. If we believed the posts that people put on here as fact, all 3 of those team's jerseys would be very different. If you are basing it off of Berger's descriptions, that also has been proven false as he totally botched the descriptions of Buffalo (the exact same jersey as they wore in the 70's), St. Louis (striping pattern) and Carolina (stars along the bottom).