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  1. I read the quoted tweet in the voice of Alec Baldwin as Trump, and it all makes sense...
  2. So, fun fact... when the Braves were putting this design together, there was a red prototype to go with the white and blue. Allegedly, Hank Aaron put a veto on the red one. Anyway, love the series so far! Keep it going!
  3. Yes! Exactly! You were able to explain what I was seeing, and fix it to where it doesn’t look “off”. While I appreciate what@andrewharrington was saying, and I appreciate his skills and contributions and experience, I feel that @monkeypower got this revised properly.
  4. The thing that has always bugged me about this logo, like all the way back when it was introduced, are the overly thick outlines or keylines around the stick blades, stick knobs, and the edge of the mask. It just never made any sense to me. It’s nearly as distracting (bad) as the Vegas Golden Knights shoulder logo with impossible layering...
  5. I was just about to say the same. It’s probably white with the new bolt. Maybe a different face mask color. As cool as the old-school numbers were on the side, the Chargers should leave them blank. Just the bolts. And speaking of bolts, can we all agree that Tom O’Grady’s Gatorade-rip off lightning bolt LA logo that was plastered all over a certain blog this morning looks absolutely dreadful?
  6. Looking at this reference image just reinforces the whole “inconsistency” vibe. And YES, I get that in 1946 there was more of a likelihood of inconsistent quirks. But the opposite direction of the shadow is just as significant as the stripes on the new pants. And frankly, I think the new pants are fine as part of the overall refresh.
  7. Insert stereotypical joke about something from Cleveland being inefficient...
  8. I’m with you. Once the right side of the A is outlined underneath the horn, it makes the right half of the L look unfinished. These arbitrary lines and forced depth are some of the same issues riddling the Vegas Golden Knights secondary logo, which I also am bothered by...
  9. Scrolled back to see if anyone has suggested this, but I didn’t catch it... Presuming there’s going to be an artificial backstory for the logo, I’m expecting the three segments in the ram’s horn are there to represent the three cities the franchise has won NFL championships in.
  10. And it looks like the Washington Wizards font for the Dragons...
  11. I’m still kind of shaking my head... in the last 48 hours, there’s been little to no discussion of this, yet, this thread has been Cleve-jacked and “Minnesota teams should be purple”-jacked. My hope is that the Rangers bring back the team name to the front of the jerseys, but my fear is that they are just going to hype up the “new” Nike uniforms with the Globe Life Field inaugural season patch. But here’s a thought: could they be one of the other teams rumored to have a powder blue jersey?
  12. The kerning sucks, and has sucked for years. It’s supposed to be two words, not one. I don’t know who made the decision to blend them, eradicate the space, or whatever. It’s frustrating.
  13. I only learned about Bed-Stuy from this guy...
  14. Hmm... no advertising patch on #8’s jersey. Interesting that they would let that slip through in an official release.
  15. Upon further review, the Bricksconsin logo has nothing to do with masonry and everything to do with bricks of cheese...
  16. Some random thoughts from someone who isn’t a Brewers fan or a professional designer... * I love the modified BiG. It’s definitely in line with the Blue Jays modification of a vintage logo. The opinion of this non-professional designer is that it *does* improve the flaws of the original. It’s now smooth and balanced. * It feels painfully obvious that the new BiG is shoehorned into this identity. As much as the fan base wanted the BiG back, there was too much to lose (i.e. merchandise sales) to bring it back. I don’t think MLB has any rules similar to NBA for not allowing full rebranding to retro marks, but this allows for sales of new and old merch simultaneously. * As touched on earlier, the cream home uniform evokes memories of that first uniform set post-Pilots. Intentional or not, it’s a nice touch for this anniversary. Overall, however, the pinstripe set is superior to the cream. * I’m not sure which adjective I want to use in regard to the yellow panel cap: anomaly or atrocious. The original incarnation paired nicely with the powder blue set. According to Dressed to the Nines, the Brewers did wear the yellow panel with road grays for one season (1985) even though I can’t find any photographic proof. In this current iteration, it works with the solid blue alternate jersey, but poorly with the road gray. I can only hope they bring back the delightfully mismatched white panel batting helmet to go with it. * The return of the barrelman is great news! I have no idea where it fits in! * The barleyball is brilliant! The subtlety is a nice complement to the home uniform. Complex designs with forced meaning (*cough* Bricksconsin *cough*) just stick out like a sore thumb. * Looking at the logoset that was unveiled, it left me feeling like I was looking at a “History of Brewers logos” timeline. Almost akin to what the Alouettes did this past season. But looking at it as a cohesive brand? It’s not. * Some tweaks I would make: Barleyball for the center of the new BiG, and lowercase “e” in the Brewers home jersey script and new roundel logo as a further nod to the past Overall, the Brewers have improved their on-field look, but I’m still not sure if it’s just addiction by subtraction.
  17. Due to my current job, I got to spend a little time behind the scenes with this team earlier this year. So, I will withhold my personal opinions. But this just seems to fall flat in SO many ways. EDIT: Good Lord... after scrolling their Facebook page and seeing full logos and merchandise, this just reeks of being thrown together in 10 minutes, generic, and sticks out as not being cohesive with the rest of the Copa collection.
  18. I don’t know... this creates two very distinct reactions for me. 1, if this were presented in the Concepts forum, it would get ripped to shreds. And 2, I seem to be picturing Terrence and Phillip wearing something like this. LATE EDIT: I’m also getting a Nordiques vibe with the hockey stick diagonals on each side of the A.
  19. I’m not sure if this has been part of their social media design work prior to the redesign or not, but they’ve got chevrons everywhere in the background of the new brown stuff. Even those banners on the lampposts in the video have yellow chevrons on the bottom. Perhaps an indication of something further?
  20. The Willamette University gym is probably the best option, as the two venues I thought of were the Pavilion at the Fairgrounds (sizable, but no scoreboards or replay boards) or the Armory Auditorium, which might have scoreboards, but no replay boards, and has a stage on one side of the court. I graduated in that building 20 years ago - it was a dump then, and it still is, sadly.
  21. I loved this set, but it was disappointing how the “B” was different from the submitted design. The “B” they used looked too much like the last incarnation of the Portland Beavers. Actually, the whole set felt strongly inspired by those last Beavers uniforms.
  22. And thanks to this CCM template, reasonable multi-color collars CAN exist...
  23. I swear those silver “pinstripes” are gold on this throwback. Especially when compared to graphic used on the mothership article. Are my old-man eyes deceiving me??
  24. I can’t be the only person who has noticed the waistband logo is oriented incorrectly on the Nike throwback... At least compared to the Stockton/Malone reference picture in the mothership article, it’s incorrect.