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  1. I really dig that Gophers cap! Is it fitted or adjustable?
  2. Unpopular Opinion: I like these. Even MORE Unpopular Opinion: They are better than their standard H/A sets. What I don’t like, however, is the use of the NOB and number font from their standard jerseys. Everyone else got new fonts, so...? Something retro-inspired would have been nice. Hell, even a standard block would have worked. Yes, I hear the “iT’s A dOdGeRs JeRsEy” chants already. So what? If it works, it works. I also hate the idea of them wearing this with their standard white pants. What a damn cop out and cheap solution. Going that route, I fear for what happens when they are on offense. Standard helmets, too?
  3. Or they could partner with Fender Musical Instrument Corporation...
  4. But, by that logic, they shouldn’t use “Blues”, due to the existence of the St. Louis Blues. Warriors? Natives? How much more tonedeaf can this franchise get? Call them the Guardians or Spiders and call it a day.
  5. How bad/sad is it that this picture made me think of the City Connect jerseys for the Red Sox?
  6. I just noticed that the front 8 has a few missing pixels on each jersey. But it got me thinking... that twinkle or sunburst that the Rays use could be a fun custom feature on the numbers. Not all the time, but on a true alternate jersey.
  7. It’s like all of the worst elements of Clink Room and Hat Club’s horrible recolors. “See? We can make ugly street wear, too!”
  8. At this point, I’m expecting the Blazers’ jersey to be a black version of the ‘77 jerseys, with the vertical wordmark in ‘92 all caps font, over a red and white vertical sash, complete with the number font from the ‘92 set. Therefore, the jersey would contain elements from each of their three Finals appearances: 1976/77 - vertical wordmark 1989/90 - black uniform w/ red and white sash (rotated) 1991/92 - first season of new proprietary font
  9. I know what you’re talking about, though. I remember seeing the graphics released in late 2005, and they DID include a Nike swoosh, but I haven’t found anything explaining what their involvement was, if any. It’s bugging me, because I feel in my gut that Nike was behind the goofy trim and truncated outer pants stripe. EDIT: From this Paul Lukas penned ESPN column, comes this nugget: So there it is. They had input, but were not the sole designer. But this is a classic case of “too many cooks in the kitchen.”
  10. They really could have just recycled the stick from the NY logo, and it would have made it a little better. Not by much, though...
  11. Snagged a couple adidas Indo-made NHL authentic jerseys (stitched crests and shoulder patches, fight strap) of the LA Kings (alt) and Vegas Golden Knights (home). I’ll get pics up on my Instagram page soon. Kings is a size 52, and Golden Knights a size 50. I am open to offers...
  12. Ok... I’m going to break one of my rules, or at least be the individual that I don’t want to be. I’m going to make a request without making a request... So, imagine if you will... WHAT IF (also know as, hey I have a request) the Miami Gators were inspired to create a fauxback of Cleveland’s “caveman” era set? Would the cap logo be a G in the style of the Cleveland C? Would they go all aqua or all orange? Would the gator be in a funky batting pose, similar to the chief on the sleeve patch? So many questions!
  13. You have knocked it out of the space/time continuum, my friend!! I seriously need these heritage items in my life. Get HatClub to make the hat, and some Chinese knockoff on Wish to make the jersey and jacket. Shut up and take my money!!
  14. You could arguably add the A’s to that list, provided they do the vests proper, which they did for their throwbacks from the anniversary season a couple years back.
  15. Welp... I sure hope HatClub sends you a freebie as a thank you.
  16. Welcome back! The only thing that I feel I need to comment on is the modification or cleaning up of the old English text for Atlanta and Dallas. In my opinion, the Atlanta clean-up is an improvement, but Dallas is a step backwards. Not a major quibble, just an aesthetic preference. Can’t wait for the new work, as always!
  17. Incredibly, they didn’t have the same architect. However, Portland, Boston, and Buffalo all did. Ellerbe Becket designed a BUNCH of arenas that opened around the same time.
  18. This would have been a better inspiration...
  19. Which, after all of our wildfires this summer, feels both unfortunate and accurate.
  20. Close, but not quite... On the cap I found, the mountain portion on the cap is outlined in gray, like on the red jersey there. On the cap pictured on the card, the mountain portion is outlined in red. That’s what’s throwing me for a loop!
  21. Holy cow!! All of my Volcanoes reference material from their first season is in storage. I would have spent a long time tracking that down. Thank you so much!! Not a bad investment today...
  22. Had my first find of the year, and it’s thrown me for a loop. It’s a Made in USA 59FIFTY cap, presumably a road or alt cap, from the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. What’s odd is that the logo has the coloring round on the red-base cap. Even though they are in my backyard, I have no clue what year it’s from or what the story is... Any info would be appreciated! Link to my Instagram account with pics of hat...
  23. No. God no. Hell no. If I have to see that damned swamp dragon one more time, or hear more self serving back-patting about a 25 year old dinosaur logo, or see one more of his Trump-like tweets... *breathes* Sorry, but that guy is awful. And that’s the nicest thing I can say.
  24. With the games looking like they are being played in a TV studio, this really looks like a screengrab from NBA2k (or whatever game the kids are playing these days...)
  25. The suspenders are part of the fishing gear the crew is wearing, it’s from a company called Grundéns. Regarding the team name, I hope it’s Sockeyes over Kraken. The kerfuffles on the board here really soured my interest in the Kraken monicker.
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