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  1. Kazakhstan Papua New Guinea Scotland South Africa Australia Jamaica Saint Vincent Greece Great Britain Poland Norway Qatar Indonesia Sweden Palau Djibouti
  2. Did you get my email yet about my design.
  3. I've sent you my files for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
  4. I'll take Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
  5. I like your idea of this new version of dodgeball. I think the first team looks great but the logo looks stretched which makes it look weird. If the logo for Indianapolis wasn't stretched then it would look good. I think Boise looks pretty good and I like the name and uniform because it looks different. Also, how many teams are going to be in this league and what will the divions be.
  6. I love these minimalist yakbal design. They are pretty good. I think that Chicago and LA are great. They are all pretty good. Nice job.
  7. What program did you use to do this because they look really good.
  8. If you have an expansion division with Australia, Samoa, Hawaii and possibly New Zealand, then you should add a South American division featuring Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and a fourth team to make each conference have 3 divisions each.
  9. Raysox, you designs are pretty good. I love the presentation. I will give my opinion of each track. - The dutch track is pretty good and has some nice corners, although you should add another short section to connect turn 9 to the turn 13-14-15 chicane section. - The finnish track has a good layout and some nice corners. It has a good mix of fast straignts and slow corners. I just din;t like the fact that there are no gravel traps at the chicane complex which could be a rwal problem for the drivers if F1 ever decided to have a race in Finland. - I like the fench track as it's got a nice design and many multiple layouts. All in all you have some nice track layouts and are getting the hang of this. Keep up the good work.
  10. DolphinManatee, how did you create that Dolphin-shaped track and what program did you use. It looks very effective, and the overall layout has some nice corners.
  11. How did you create these track using inkscape; they are ver good and really professional.
  12. I like the colours you've used for the Beijing Dragons, it looks very well and suits the chinese dragon theme. I'm still devistated that there's no Australian team.
  13. WOW, that concept is great. It looks really professional. I can't wait to see what the uni's look like.
  14. Nice Prowlers logo. The only thing I don't like about it is the gray on the logo. BTW, are you going to have an Australian team like you originally planned when you announced the expansion teams?
  15. WOW, these lok great. I especially love the way you incorporated the eagle into the legion logo.