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  1. Ahahah fair enough, fotty jumpers was the only somewhat reliable source i coulkd find and i tried using reference photos as much as possibe. I did have a look on a few teams websites but couldnt find expansive history sections so kind of gave up after a few. I figured there would have been some inacuracies but i didnt want to spend too much time researching every detail. Ill definitely give that a read though. If St kilda fans are that attached to the current crest you could use that for the jumoer and in any official capacity then use the updated one for things like tv broadcasts and merch. simmilar to how the yankees have mutliple versions of the NY monogram. for a more real world explination this really was just an exercise to polish my skills so leaving too many things the same would have defeated the purpose of that. @tigers thanks, i really think alot of the designs clubs use are too safe or dont have enough thought put into them. It seems like the current crop of designs are very much just the simplest ways to do the design possiple. I tried to do the opposite of that so im glad to see that people liked it .
  2. The way i see it with the logos is that every club changed logos during the national expansion era so i dont see why anyone would have an issue with it now. I can see St Kilda selling merch with the classic sheild on it if they did change anyway. I swear i proofread this a million times ahah im not sure how a missed that.
  3. AFL BRND REFRESH Its been a while since ive done a concept at all but i got a new job back in the design industry and had a few weeks off so decided to do this as an exercise to polish up my work. Ive basically gone through the AFL (Australian Football League) and updated their logos and designed 3 uniforms for each team. A Home Uniform, a Clash Uniform and a "Heritage Collection" Uniform. Most of he Heritage Collection uniforms were designed with the idea of giving a modern update to a previous uniform worn by the club. The 2 newer expansion clubs were given designs to solidify their new overall brands. Ive linked to the album on Imgur below but have also linked a ZIPed PDF file with sticky notes with some breif explinations of the designs as im not great with the whole write up thing. Would love to hear peoples thoughts. Imgur Album ZIPed PDF File
  4. Had the awesome opportunity to once again design the kits for the newcastle jets this year, shortly before leaving the company and now 4 months later they have been released. Super happy with how these turned out (especially compared to how disappointed I was with last years) although would have liked the contrast to be higher on the blue kit.
  5. its only going to be used on the front of a guernsey at quite a large size
  6. Hey all, Has been quite a while since I've posted any concepts on here, just after some feedback on the below logo, its for a local football club (Aus Rules), they were wanting something along the line of Carlton FC's Logo with the PCFC initials Heres Carltons logos and here is what i came up with
  7. the shade of gold for the striping on the gold kit ended up looking a lot more yellow than intended, I also intended for there to be more gold on the home (Blue) and third (white) kits
  8. Newcastle Jets released their new uniforms over the weekend, designed by yours truly. not everything turned out as intended but overall happy with the results.
  9. Working at a place that does screen printing, embroidery etc. 90% of the buisnesses and sports teams that come through have terrible logos. The 10% that are any good ere generally the simple 1 or two colour logos that can be made on things like paint etc.
  10. Could i get this helmet with a purple background and "university of south australia eagles" Cheers
  11. They were just un-stickied. You should still be able to find them using the search feature.Searched and couldn't find them. Why were they un stickied?
  12. Technically, they wear special drivers suits while racing, so that could be the uniform? The suit matches the pit crew, so technically according to your definition it is a uniform
  13. Not a fan of the logo or the name, should have stuck with swarm or gone back to fire. The unis were really bland too.
  14. Another ring from all star cheer worlds https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bp8j9llIMAAAsr4.jpg:large
  15. Akron, I Luke the home, unique and original, the clash I would widen the stripe to go between the shoulders and enlargen the roo. For the fauxback I would try stripes like the home but more and thinner, is the jersey a zip front or just faux zip (ala port Adelaide's faux laces) Georgia tech. I like the home but feel the clash would be way to garish (on second thought it looks good for Georgia tech) lobe the fauxback
  16. The ball was automatically moved back to the 20-yard line every time one team crossed midfield.Wait, how would this work? Sounds pretty self explainatory. You have to remember, they weren't chucking the ball down the field like today's game. I think what he means is how can anyone score of every time the 50 yard line is crossed the ball is moved backwards
  17. Does anyone have a ccm template?
  18. Anyone?? Or at least a good rbk one
  19. here is a few from down here a league all stars vs manchester united at ANZ stadium (used for AFL) melbourne victory vs. liverpool at MCG (used for AFL and cricket) the set up that is going to be used for the dodgers vs diamondbacks opening series at the SCG (cricket and AFL)
  20. wtf? that should never happen, it makes it harder to make substitutions depending on which side of the field they are playing on.The league I playing in is currently doing the same thing (two teams on one sideline). It's very irritating and the reason we have been given is that the games need to be filmed from the grandstand on the other side of the AFL oval we play on. The reason we are now playing on the far (non grandstand side) is because the owners are leasing it for am AFL trial game in February and we apparently hack the field up too much. But back on topic is really irritating, at some points in the game or Coach is having to substitute a reviver every pay to get the call out without the QB running back and forth so much
  21. On the Bengals away jersey some of the players name plate drips a few inches lower than the yolk. It just makes an already bad uniform worse
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