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  1. One of my favorite high school logos is this one for Roosevelt High in Portland, OR. Recreated the famous St. John's Bridge and their beautiful campus tower.
  2. I stop paying attention to the AFL for a few years and all the OG teams are gone...the AFL to me will always be Rattlers, Sabercats, Sharks, VooDoo, etc.
  3. Love all the campus-inspired imagery and patterns, love the move to bring back fan-requested colors, love blue and yellow (retro Brewers, retro Mariners, Rams, etc) in sports design. I get the inspiration behind the panther head logo, but not a fan of what the final product came to be. Odd shape throws it off.
  4. Lots of good new identities and lots of horrible ones. Seems about on-par for MiLB these days, no? I like the initiative overall though!
  5. Why do the red and white jerseys look like little league versions of the current DBacks set? Bridge cap was always awesome. Having the paw logo as a reference to the OG logo is great as well. It just makes me want this back even more though.
  6. I think I'm in the majority when I say I'm excited at the idea of this coming back permanently.
  7. I love the new TCU look. The shoulder/collar is a great throwback look (albeit a bit over the top, but coming from a Duck fan take that for what it's worth). Either way, the uniform is modern, contains nods to the team, coach, and school tradition, and is miles better than the frog skin era...
  8. Honestly Brandiose kept it in the ballpark of cute/clever and not overdone. Color me impressed. The main cap duo is my least favorite but every other part is great!
  9. Honestly Brandiose kept it in the ballpark of cute/clever and not overdone. Color me impressed.
  10. Be awkward if Brandiose ended up doing Sasquatch logo, after they already did these for the Eugene Emeralds.
  11. A high school near Sacramento called Woodcreek uses this as the Timberwolves.
  12. Wow, check out the old font the Raptors once used. It's gotta be straight off DaFont.