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  1. Weird, good find. I assume the blue version is new to represent their affiliation with the Royals, whereas they had been affiliated with red teams Cardinals and Astros for the last 15+ years.
  2. Team President Larry Baer said they originally didn't have names on the back in the 2000s to preserve the throwback vibes of the new ballpark experience. Then they didn't want to change in the 2010s as the Giants won 3 titles wearing NNOB. Now, as they are in the midst of a down cycle and using 50-60 players each season, he said it was an appropriate time to make the change. We can all be cynical and say it's to sell more jerseys, but I really think it's as simple as saying that many fans of the team weren't able to identify who #59 was when they have 18 different starting left fielders each year.
  3. Not exactly the most glamorous name for the fancy new Vegas Bowl but gotta go where the money is I suppose.
  4. Good question. I think the Seahawks will eventually move to a newer template and possibly even prioritize their action green color, so these Superbowl/LOB era uniforms will someday be worn as 'throwbacks'.
  5. Every year I look forward to the Army-Navy uniforms. It's nice to see real military tributes and not just 'we made our logo into a flag logo'. The thought and research that goes into these mean something other than just generic 'patriotism' and 'cool jerseys'. Another well done round of design on both sides.
  6. Call me a homer but I love the new one-off uniforms. The team and Nike have really learned what works well for one-offs and improved over the years. This uniform has a lot of details that make it feel special, like the starry galaxy pattern on the helmet to the pattern throughout and the back helmet bumper.
  7. Mining City seems odd and not exactly rolling off the tongue. Butte Blasters would have been...amazing. Butte/Mining City Powder Monkeys sounds like an 1800's slur.
  8. I think the powder blues work well, but only as an alternate. The helmets should definitely be their primary lids though. I just don't like the powder blue mixing with the navy, red, and grey they have.
  9. Presenting the Copa identities for 2020! 22 new teams participating makes 92 overall participants. Read more about the names and looks here.
  10. Shoutout to Skye Dillon of Skye Design Studios, constantly putting out quality stuff.
  11. Old tweet, but the MILB's Copa de la Diversion uniforms will roll out tomorrow. I assume most teams will unveil tomorrow but some may trickle in later once they receive actual inventory of uniforms and caps.
  12. Oh buddy if you don't like those large numbers please don't look at how large our uniform numbers were last year! We technically downsized this season.
  13. Ah, thanks for the correction, I hadn't noticed that before!
  14. Nice looks at Utah's alternate helmet details. Student section name/logo on the nose bumper is something I haven't seen before.
  15. I liked the set much more when I thought it was black. The red numbers are awful, the purple numbers with red outline on the sleeves are fine and should have been used throughout. Not a fan of the random red piping on jersey sleeves and neckline, but the red logo accents and facemask are all creative and nice touches.
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