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  1. Me: Oh it can't have been that bad. *Googles pictures* Me: Oh no...
  2. I don't think it can be understated how great the Beavs homecoming uniforms were last year. I'm always a fan of bringing back Benny. Especially considering they played Cal's beautiful stripes, this game was exactly how I want OSU to look.
  3. Thanks, I knew I had to be missing one somewhere! Yeah, the changes haven't been all that crazy compared to the affiliation shuffle, Elmore group remix, and California league deaths of the last few years. Also, IE Norwich: Give me Narwals or give me Navigators gosh darn it!
  4. Love the sharp edges on this. It really makes it feel classic but modern at the same time.
  5. I realize it's a bit late, but let's appreciate some teams that will be leaving us next season. There aren't nearly as many teams relocating this off-season as last. The AA (Angels) Mobile Bay Bears are relocating to Huntsville, Alabama to become the Rocket City Trash Pandas. They had been in Mobile since moving from North Carolina in 1997. The New Orleans Baby Cakes (AAA Marlins) will be moving to Wichita, Kansas to play as the yet to be named Wichita ________. They had been in New Orleans since they moved from Denver in 1993 (as the Zephyrs).
  6. One of the more interesting recent Sacramento high school matchups, Inderkum vs Del Oro, in a battle of black/gold winged helmet (Delo Oro's logo is the Southern Miss eagle head) and direct Mizzou logo helmet but with shiny gold and matte navy look.
  7. Wasn't this mascot controversy Disney trying to update Sparky? ASU and Oregon are the only 2 schools in the country to have a logo designed by Walt Disney. Our old Stomping Donald logo was only allowed to be used because of a famous photo from the 50's depicting Walt and our AD and other UO staff hanging out wearing Oregon jackets with an old Donald logo on them until an actual contractual agreement was reached much later.
  8. CSU going back to its roots this weekend vs Toledo. Orange and green, not orange and black as Rovell incorrectly joked about.
  9. *Opens thread as an Oregon fan* Anyways...I love what UA did with Cal, and think they have one of the best Pac12 sets now. They have always had nice colors but they weren't always used in the best ways (shiny gold mesh Nike templated jerseys) and I'm glad that a historic team is not only looking classic but also looking modern while doing so!
  10. Calling them 'away uniforms' doesn't get recruits to retweet the content. I agree the 'stormtrooper/icy/cold/hot/fire emoji' uniform posts are tired at this point, but ultimately they exist to hype the fans, and more importantly the 15-18 year old recruiting targets.
  11. I think it got ignored because the game ended at 1AM PST haha
  12. The gold facemask makes these 1000x better than if they were all white.
  13. Genuine question, is navy still a part of the Houston Cougars brand? I know the UK-styled UH is red and white, and then they have the new Cougar head logo which is white and red, but there's no navy anywhere in the university's brand guide.
  14. What I anticipated. I think it's a clean look and will enjoy seeing the stark color contrast between them and Auburn's navy tops.