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  1. Can you post the link when you get home? Actually, just found it. Is that what you were looking for? I don't think so, I saw a thread this morning with tutorial results from a Fraser Davidson thread. I've seen his Gorillas logo.
  2. Can you post the link when you get home?
  3. I saw the thread about Fraser Davidson logo results, where is the the tutorial thread?
  4. please and thank you sir.
  5. It isn't about connection to a division, it's about the military in general. Look to the right of the image for the #'s.
  6. My FSU Military Concept. Would be a different Unit crest on each uniform. Player name changed to words symbolizing the American Military.
  7. Was IRONMAN in the Justice League? God I hope so because these are AWESOME!!!
  8. Jimbo Fisher? He has to be wearing sunglasses and a headset.
  9. I'll give the falcons a call and see if they can provide me with the right one.