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  1. I never seen that site before and if you look at mine before and after.. there were differences. Yes, I based my art on logos I seen out there. But any who takes a logo that is 350x350 and make it 1599x1332 which is the original size of mine, the logo would be blurry and such now matter how much was done in photoshop or at least what I know how to do. I am rather new at all of this and it seemed like fun to make my own league... How's this, MBurmy?
  2. I based it on a couple of bull logos I was looking at online (google search on bulls and steers) its a little bit of couple mixed together, I didn't even noticed that one out there. If its too much of a problem, I can go back and change it around.. only so many ways to draw a bull head. As for the colors, its nothing final but I shall go back and change them around. Hmmm... how about a deep brown instead of the orange to go along with the goldish font color?
  3. I've played around with the Austin 1836 idea while I was sitting around trying to figure out what I wanted to go for with the team names... being updated...
  4. Glad you love it, thank you. Indoor soccer logos are some what different and so are the uniforms. When I played, it was just a tee shirt, soccer shorts, socks and indoor soccer shoes. We just had a soccer ball with the city name above it... cheap bastards lol. I wanted something that stood out from traditional soccer logos with this series, might be a few that seem "traditional" but I am going to keep that whole hockey meets soccer feel with them.
  5. Ran with the Erie Flagship FC.... c&c
  6. Great team names.. I was thinking of doing something with ships for Erie. I was thinking along the lines of Clippers but I like the Flagship a whole lot better.
  7. Kaito

    XLS Logo

    No comments? List of possible teams to come though...
  8. Kaito

    XLS Logo

    This was all created out of boredom and might turn into a sim league like I seen around here if there is enough interest in it. Right now, I just have the logo artwork done. I have yet to create a list of cities and team names. But it's a indoor soccer league, not sure how many teams it will contain. I've played indoor soccer most of my life and its one of my favorite sports. If I do create the league, I will be creating everything in Football Manager 2011 and running the games that way. I was inspired by a couple of soccer logos when I was creating these, I might change them around but so far these have the feel I am looking for... Anyways, on to the art after all that is why were are here... are we not? c&c welcome
  9. Kaito

    NHL 2012-13

    I've always been a fan of the Wild's red jersey design. Something so simple but wonderful about it. Great job keeping it that way