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  1. Good call. I suppose it now matches the full diamond logo, but it was one of those quirks that looked much better left as was, like the Flyers' crest.
  2. Phillies' script appears mildly different on their jerseys today. Squattier, bolder than in years past... can't quite pinpoint but it's different.
  3. I think they're a bit of confusion in this thread. The keystone in the original post is part of the new branding. This was the old branding:
  4. Nike has gone full Adidas. You never go full Adidas.
  5. So, I've been thinking about this all day and actually came up with a completely different solution than what I posted and what has been suggested. In addition to going with a thicker font, I've chosen to focus the wave on the two O's in "GOONERS" by creating a tiered effect. I feel this is more versatile and can be more easily be applicable to a future wordmark for the club. The question is, should it be two-tiered (in either style below) or three-tiered? A: B: C:
  6. Interesting; I'll give that a go. I may also use a thicker-weight font that reduces blank space and stitches the wave together. As for the "Arsenal America" text, it's not so much meant to be legible at distance as it is to be a decorative element that creates a soft transition from the main body of the scarf to its edges.
  7. Pennsylvania unveiled new tourism branding today:
  8. I'm a member of the Virginia Beach Gooners, a local Arsenal supporters' club for the Tidewater area, and I recently tasked myself with designing a scarf for the group. The main design element unique to our club scarf was to be an ocean wave, borrowed from our crest (designed before I joined; I developed the simplified alternate trident crest). I rendered the wave over the text – on the away side with a two-tone effect that turned out really well; but, on the home side I had to settle with a simple line stroke. Otherwise, colors would've clashed too much. After submitting to the group for feedback, it was suggested that all text be made monochromatic and the wave be made bolder. So, my questions are these: Does this wave awkwardly and/or excessively fragment the text? Is there a better way to render the wave on the scarf using the existing color palette while maintaining the legibility and integrity of the design? It's amazing how such a simple element has proven to be such a thorn in my side. Feedback and assistance welcome! (Below is a more realistic rendering. The fringes, however, would be strictly red and white.)
  9. Amazing how such minute adjustments really make a world a difference. Would still like to see a "unique" USSF element incorporated into the design – like a snake – but I'm not sure that the striped portion of the shield, in its current shape, can support it.
  10. Gotta be "1908," which is the only year those uniforms were ever worn full-time.
  11. Visually it's appealing, but functionally it wasn't that great. It didn't show the number of timeouts remaining, and in end-of-game situations where every second counts, it really helps to have the clock on-screen as a play is occurring.
  12. Go home, 49ers. You're drunk. Hideous.