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  1. And now I'm worried that I'm going to get in trouble for having two accounts, and they make life so hard on people who do that. And this was just so fluky. I need help fixing this, but I need to talk to a real person in charge of this site for help.

  2. ...typed WhittierS by mistake, put in my password, and somehow activated the first account that I never got activated. I want to access my Whittier S account but I have had such massive troubles with the interface here. I can't remember which e-mail address I used, but it doesn't matter--I check the box and junk of every single account I use and I never get the change-password e-mail....

  3. And this says I've only made two posts. So this was the first profile I tried to start and could never get access to because I could never track down the automatic e-mail it sends out, so I started Whittier S, and I got that going but I forget how. When I deleted my cookies, I lost my Whittier S password, tried to send off for it, again, I never got the e-mail. Then I tried entering, type...

  4. I have no idea whatsoever who this is.

    I'll have to add an avatar. I wanted a new one anyway.

  5. yeah your avatar isn't showing up. btw you know who this is, right?

  6. I wasn't trying to change my account, exactly. I had to clear the cookies off my computer, then I couldn't remember my password, so I sent myself the change-your-password thing. But I can never ever remember which e-mail address I have attached to this account, and can never find where that change form goes to. Then I remembered my password. Did something get screwed up?

  7. Hey Whit, why'd you change your account? Couldn't get in or something?