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  1. As far as cards-and-dice games, I started with all the Stratomatic games in 1970. Nowadays there are many more games on the market and my favorites are: Baseball: History Maker Baseball, Payoff Pitch, Pine Tar Baseball Hockey: Inside the Crease, Hockey Blast, Shootout Hockey I always have one project going with at least one of these games. I post a lot on the many sports gaming forums over at Delphi Forums.
  2. Had Munro Bobby Hull Hockey rod hockey game, 1971 edition with Toronto and Montreal I eventually bought all the teams (they came in only one color, no choice of dark or light unis). This was right at the 1972 expansion and they included an extra Redwings and Rangers team to represent the new Flames and Islanders! The players didn't have actual team logos on their uniforms, just a generic "Boston", "Montreal" etc. across the front. I actually drew the logos for all the teams in colored pencil and cut them out and taped them onto the players!!!! I also drew a few masks and taped them onto the goalies since none of them had masks. I also painted "Seals" at center ice. All of the teams were in dark uniforms except for Detroit and Chicago. Boston was in a very outdated yellow uniform. The Seals were in their green/blue/white Oakland colors, not the Finley era green/gold/white. This game delivered everything it promised. Had countless hours of fun with friends then later in life I took it out when my nephew was old enough and he couldn't get enough of it.
  3. I had Tudor Electric Football as a kid circa 1971, trying to remember the two teams it came with -- Cardinals in red and Redskins maybe in white? Funny thing is that one of the Cardinals was actually a KC Chiefs player by mistake! Later I bought the Jets in green and Rams in white (my two favorite teams at the time). The game promised a lot more than it delivered. Looked so cool but that generic quarterback that passed and kicked a felt football was ridiculous. Not to mention the players going round in circles or out of bounds!
  4. After a long career as a Ranger, Harry Howell wore some gaudy uniforms... with the WHA Calgary Cowboys also the WHA NY Golden Blades and San Diego Mariners...
  5. I'm on a hockey forum with a similar thread and my criteria is always: you associate a player with one or two teams during his career, and at the end of his career he plays for one or a few different teams for a brief time and looks completely out of place in that uniform. For me, criteria that do not apply are pics of the player in pre-NHL uniforms (minors, pee-wee, etc.) or in international competition uniforms, or in old-timer or similar charity event uniforms. I also do allow for WHA uniforms. I haven't read through the whole thread yet so I hope some of my postings aren't duplicates, but I have many... Harmon Killebrew Boog Powell
  6. In their inception they had no NYC identity and I doubt they have any now. Before the Islanders came along all of my many hockey friends on the Island were Ranger fans, as I was (right after the Seals). I went to many games those first 3 seasons because it was a chance to see NHL hockey and I didn't mind seeing mostly expansion and lower-tier teams (my friend's dad didn't want to drive us to games against Montreal, Boston, Chicago, etc. because of the traffic) because i was more interested in lousy teams anyway. Only TWO of my hockey friends declared themselves Islander fans from day one. All the rest of us were just there to see NHL hockey. When the Islanders got better, the Ranger-Islander rivalry was pretty intense and I didn't see any Ranger fans getting on the Islander bandwagon when they were winning Cups, although there were a lot of johnny-come-lately hockey fans who were suddenly die-hard Islander fans.
  7. I'm a stickler for traditionalist-type striping on jerseys. I think the sleeves look fine. But the waist stripes are weak, I hate when they have two thin lines at the bottom of a jersey with no base color below it, as you pointed out. There should be some continuity with the sleeve and waist stripes, but there is none here. Shoulder yokes could be improved with an orange trim. Not sure what I think about the crest yet....
  8. In the 70's, the California Seals called this "Pacific Blue". Unusual shoulder stripes for a hockey uniform. When I went to see them play the Islanders at the Coliseum, a security guard said, "here come the Miami Dolphins" as they were coming up the ramp onto the ice.
  9. Beautiful. They should never have dropped that logo.
  10. Harry Howell: Also, could not find pics of Howell in WHA uniforms: Golden Blades, NJ Knights, SD Mariners and Calgary Cowboys
  11. Hey, just joined and this is one of my favorite topics. Haven't waded through all 115 pages so I apologize if any I post have already been posted. (It would be helpful if people put names under pics when posting, don't assume everyone knows who the player is) Harmon Killebrew: Dave Schultz:
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