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  1. It is exactly the Grizzlies' color scheme, except that tan is a tint of the gold. The Memphis Grizzlies don't exist in the universe where this team exists, and if I use colors of existing NBA teams, I can get an exact match in 2K20, but have to just eyeball it if I'm using my own colors. And since this is the NBA in another universe, they don't have the whole "better use a basketball" thing. The roundel is supposed to be a 45 vinyl record; if I add the basketball, then I lose the record.
  2. 2k20 is on sale, and I'm now in a push to finish my work. (And hope that I found the solution around not being able to save after exactly 10 hours of gameplay, like I had with 2k17 and 2k18.) I'm feeling pretty confident about this logo, except that I'm not sure whether I simplified/got rid of the right parts of the saxophone--since I don't play it, I don't know what's necessary.
  3. Believe it or not, it's a little too detailed. The concentric circles in the log are razor-thin and will practically disappear once this logo is shrunk much at all. And the waviness of the bark is so fine it's almost delicate. I would reduce the number of rings, thicken them a tad, and reduce the number of "waves" in the bark.
  4. There are a lot of great things going on in this series so far. It is very much a tribute to 1960s design--not sports design of the era, but 1960s design more generally. I think especially of that pattern on the home Beaudry jersey and the Atwater logo (even if it needs to be simplified.) That approach seems so fitting for a tribute to the Montreal subway system. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it on here. Kudos to your creativity.
  5. The dimensions of the plane still pose a problem. A prop plane might be short like that, but not a jet.
  6. Love it overall so far. I do find the skyscrapers in the Atwater crest to be too much like an illustration. It would be nice to see them simplified and more iconic.
  7. Y'all sold me on the logo hierarchy. I figure this is done. Thanks, everyone!
  8. Colorado Springs Thunder Colorado Springs Lightning (Most lightning strikes of any US city)
  9. I love the concept overall. I'm surprised there's never been a jet-flying-around-Space-Needle logo. That said, the jet is very chunky and looks like child's toy. I'd give it a more streamlined look.
  10. Just imagining the ire of all the Purdue fans there, though I suppose it's suiting as Oladipo is an IU alum.
  11. I'd work on your Oklahoma City logo--and it does need a lot of work--and get it as good as it can be before you move on to your next logo. Better one really sharp logo than a dozen mediocre logos.
  12. Speaking as a Twin Citian, I think MNUFC has a gorgeous brand, but I would want a women's team to have a distinct identity. I hate it when branding reflects a "sister team" status (like a few WNBA teams)--it makes it feel like the women's team is dependent on the men's team. And the fans at a Loons game are a good deal more diverse than Scandinavian, especially thanks to the large immigrant population here, and I think such a distinctly Scandinavian brand would freeze some fans out. But if you want to keep with this scheme, though, I'd definitely change up the color distribution so the "duck" is grey, which would also push it away from just being a clone of the Loons badge.
  13. This is all a tiny part of a huge project that I can't much get into here so as not to violate the rules of getting into story rather than the logos itself. Suffice it to say that this takes place in an alternate universe, and there is a historical reason within that universe why the team would go over the top with the Canadian identity. I do want to show you why I want to use two snowflake logos, but it will take me a bit to put together a presentation. If uniforms happen, they will be in 2K. Twice now (2K17 and 2K18) I've been blocked from saving anything after exactly 10 hours of gameplay, and after extensive work from both Microsoft and 2K technicians--and after having exactly the same issue on multiple computers--the problem is clearly with my Steam account, but because Steam doesn't have any real customer support, there's nothing I can do. My workaround, I hope, is to start an entirely different Steam account and purchase the game through that. So that's my aim in the next couple of months.
  14. Maybe Minnesota Gemini? Play with a constellation motif to work in the North Star (even though I know the North Star isn't in Gemini)?
  15. The league logo merges a soccer ball and a tropical flower. At least, that's what I saw.
  16. I'm afraid that shape and that color scheme automatically make me think of something extremely distasteful, and my brain doesn't even usually go there.
  17. My revisions after critique:
  18. Thanks so much for the feedback thus far. I want to keep both primary and secondary logos as snowflake shapes because I have ideas of how they could be used in graphical presentations. It's also interesting that you picked up on an indigenous motif, which wasn't at all what I was going for. I had used the original typeface for the wordmark because I was playing off the diagonals in the hexagons, and I wanted something that felt cold without being overly literal. I've put together a test of a few different typefaces for the wordmark. #3 is actually stretched out quite a bit from the original, which I know some aren't keen on. #4 makes me think of the Inuktitut syllabary at first glance, playing off that indigenous idea. #7 rendered funny; the bowls were clearer when I converted to .png but I don't know why they look as they do here. Which do you think could work best?
  19. Your image links aren't showing up right.
  20. Oh, also, I know presentation is a weak point for me--I'd love any advice I can get in that area.
  21. I haven't done this in a while... I'm not even sure I remember how to post an image. But here goes... I came up with a concept based on the premise that the Toronto Huskies survived and persisted to the present day, like in an alternate reality. I intended for the husky to retain some of its cuteness from the team's original logo. The indigo color takes the blue of the original Huskies (and, until the Raptors came along, the blue of all Toronto teams) and adds a touch of red for "Canada's team," but not so much that it veers to purple. I'm especially insecure about the husky's eye. I'm thinking I should maybe add silver keylines to the logos. I altered the NBA logo to be the league logo in this reality. I also accidentally made a combined logo and realized that it could be either the main or alt logo:
  22. That league logo is quite clever. I do feel like the clash kit looks awfully washed out. I like going for the lilac color, but I'd start the gradient darker and use that darker color for the numbers etc.
  23. You need to post three replies to threads before you can start your own thread. You have two right now.
  24. The wing shape would work great for dragons.