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  1. So I played around with a couple Celtics ideas. I tried the gold numbers but it was overpowering, however I do like it with the Gold trim accents. I wanted to stay away from implementing Gold, Black, or grey although I do think it could look good in any color combo. I do like the dark green, white and cream. I tried a couple here with the hardwood pattern instead of newspaper and I think it works as well, maybe even better. However, to try and keep it slightly different from the previous Celtics hardwood themed uniforms I think I'll stick with the newspaper clippings. Appreciate all the feedback though, I may have to do a 2020/21 city uniform as well Here's a white version - aka potential "Earned Uniform"
  2. Next up..the Boston Celtics! This one was tough. To go modern and mix things up or keep it traditional and risk being too boring? I actually really like what Nike has done with the Celtics so far. The city and earned editions with a touch of yellow has a nice throwback look. The inspiration for this set was to keep the traditional Celtic uniform design of contrasting green and white but make it bolder. The Trim is consistent throughout the uniform. Instead of doing grey or black or gold, I opted to use a darker green. Kind of played with a playoff motto here - Green Runs Deep, hence the deep rich green uniform. The side panels feature historic newspaper headlines to pay respect to the Celtic's storied history. I've always wanted to use the Celtics' cursive wordmark and I think it works in this application. I originally had the "BOSTON" wordmark and tried a couple classic versions but this one makes the uniform stand out from the others. I posted the current road uniform as well to show how different the green is. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the great feedback! I'll play around with the Magic back. Is this what you had in mind with the blue/green?
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Still working on the Magic update but in the meantime here's a really bold Hawks uniform. This is actually a design I did a couple years ago but I still love how the Hawks' logo can be seamlessly tied into the piping. Inspiration from that vintage Hawks set we all know from the 80s. I wanted the black to pop off the volt and just have touches of red. TBH the uniform may look better in a graphite or red but for 2019/20 the color would be volt Thoughts?
  5. Not 100% sold on these so I'll post to get some feedback. The first is Orlando. Idea here was to step back from the sky pattern/gradients and simplify things. The intent of the wordmark is to mimic the reflection of Orlando's downtown over the water - which ties in to the black (night sky) top and blue jersey. The bold waist band was intended to add a little modern flair and the star on the shorts is a nod to Orlando's original jersey. The next is Miami. I'll probably do another Miami one here soon, but thought it'd be fun to have a Dwayne Wade "the flash" tribute. Not necessarily something I'd like to see - but with the Lakers having a black mamba and magic jersey, and the Wolves and Nets both having uniforms inspired by people I don't think it's too crazy for the Heat to have a Wade tribute uniform. This one obviously playing off of his nickname and drawing inspiration from the flash superhero outfit. Thoughts?
  6. Nothing too crazy on this next one - Portland 50th Anniversary edition. Old School Trim - 5 Lines to tie in with logo and 50. Touches of Gold. Subtle Line below sash to give some dimension.
  7. Refreshing and unique designs on all of these! Can't wait to see more - great work
  8. Bumping because I have the next one done. New Orleans Pelicans - following the tradition of Mardi Gras themed. I wanted this one to be wild and bold yet clean. Inspired again by the city flag with a unique "wordmark" I intentionally left the number off the front. 1. It cluttered the design. I even tried it in between the Fleur-De-Lis and still didn't look right, but in today's NBA I don't think it's a necessity. The trim is not the typically even 3 lines, it's intended to mimic the dimensions of the city flag. Crescent City basketball logo on shorts and mismatching purple and green accents that pay homage to the original mardi gras uniform they wore. The back has a faint detail inspired by the city's detailed architecture and old royal French garments. Bonus socks added.
  9. Thanks for the comments! Next up is...the Phoenix Suns! Inspiration here was the city flag. This year they wore a jersey with the Arizona flag, so I felt inspired to mix it up and pay homage to the city itself. I've shifted away from the Los Suns theme and instead "copied" Utah's landscape jersey by incorporating the McDowell mountains on the shorts. The color is more in line with the Phoenix flag and actually the waist bad incorporates the city flag Phoenix. The slight gradient is a nod to the 90s.
  10. I tried that but the back felt a bit too busy. A couple more teams I'll post over the next couple days. Here's one for Indiana. Going back to the royal blue and yellow. Shorts piping inspired by Indianapolis' flag and the top is fauxback themed. Thoughts on this one?
  11. Thanks C! Updates made based on your advice and I added a light blue version. SacKingsCity2 SacKingsCity3
  12. Just for fun. May turn in to a series. First up - Sacramento Kings. The baby blue, white, and red uniforms originally worn back in the 80's. Throughout the years the Kings have worn them as hardwood classic jersey and more recently they've been the inspiration behind the Kings' city uniforms. collage by NBA Uniforms Project, on Flickr I wanted to keep this trend going for the Kings. However, I also wanted to change it up a bit considering that we will likely see a new city uniform every year. For 2019/20 I designed the Kings city uniform to be predominately white. I was also inspired by the retro Kings' (Royals) jersey with bold simple piping. A little more modern by not including a wordmark - idea was that the colors and design should be easily identifiable. Retro Kings wordmark on shorts and regal emblem on waist band. Thoughts? C&C always appreciated. SacKingsCity by NBA Uniforms Project, on Flickr
  13. Haven't posted in a while - but here's a quick concept for the Denver Nuggets for next season. I found the logo on a trademarks site. It appears the Nuggets registered back in the late 90's and I thought given the roundel trend it makes sense. Simplified the rainbow city skyline and used modern colors. The home alternate is slightly different than the home and away set and the road alternate reminds me a bit of Marquette but overall I like the color balance. Thoughts?
  14. The quality of the full identity updates compared to alternates is astonishing. Bit better view of what has been released so far: http://postimg.org/image/gprk8xbth/
  15. Here's a revised version using the current font. I'm personally a fan of the simple font so I've decided to stick with it for the Pride unifom. The alternate uniform is simply a yellow version of the home and road. Originally I had the wordmark as "ATL" but I think more letters works better so went with Hawks. The pride uniform plays on the fact that Georgia is known as the peach state. Slightly different yellow/peach color and instead of red went with a dark red/purple and white as an accent. The template is similar to the original set. Thanks for all the input! I'm really happy how the little changes have improved the concept.