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  1. Not those, I mean the ones that match their current set, shown in the pic of Kevin Appier
  2. I have a lot of youth size NBA swingman and NFL replica jerseys, some of my favorites are Allen Iverson Syracuse Nationals, Ben Wallace Pistons throwback, Jason Richardson "The City" and Warriors orange alternate, Mike Bibby Cincinatti Royals, Carmelo Anthony Nuggets throwback and Oak Hill Academy, Steve Smith Panthers, Bo Jackson Raiders, Chad Johnson Bengals, Clinton Portis Redskins, Jeremy Shockey Giants, and Phillip Buchanan Raiders
  3. I forgot about the sleeveless Angels jerseys, I like those
  4. A C wouldn't work nearly as well for the Bengals logo. For the tiger stripes to look good you need a letter with little nigative space. Between their two choices, B or C, B has the least negative space
  5. Baseball jerseys without front numbers look terrible
  6. Don't hate me, but the Royals don't look too bad in black
  7. The Blue Jays new uniforms aren't that great
  8. The Marlins home uniforms look better with their black hat than with their orange hat
  9. How does that make them likable? Not that it has the opposite effect but I don't think a team playing dress up to fly to away games makes them any more likable than any other team
  10. A rainbow without repeating a team would be most impressive
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