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  1. OKC didn't get screwed by anyone
  2. I'd like to see Ok St in black-grey-grey or grey-grey-black
  3. That's a photoshop. How could someone believe that is real? Lol
  4. I hate the charge calls when the ball handler has already gathered and is about to go up to the basket and the defender slides in and gets the call. Even if they're set when contact is made that shouldn't be a foul.
  5. Durant didnt get the call on the last play because he faded away. If he went straight up through the contact he would have got that call, but instead when he felt the contact he faded back away from it
  6. The visor will most likely be gone in the regular season (or at least be clear). A lot of guys wear dark visors during training camp
  7. That no call did not decide the game, starting the game 18-2, Miami making more foul shots (on one less attempt), 11 second chance opportunities for Miami, and Miami shutting down OKC's transition game decided this one
  8. c'mon man, that's like kicking a dead horse
  9. Because of the situation, it's a great catch (it's a great catch either way, but the situation makes it even better). But the catch by itself, certainly not one of the best of all time
  10. Other than the underline on the script, I like those McCall
  11. Oh ha. When I first read it the tounge out face wasnt there
  12. I remember when Earnhardt died, I wasn't watching the 500, but my dad was, he was a huge NASCAR fan. I was driving home from somewhere with my mom and sisters, and came to the last 4 way stop before my house. My dad pulled up to the stop intersection, headed in the opposite direction. He waved to us and signaled to stop. We rolled down the windows and he said "Dale Earnhardt just died." I'll always remember that
  13. Idk if I would call this the best perfect game ever, it was against the worst team in the history of the world
  14. Oh haha ya there were three* perfect games two years ago