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  1. I see you've done quite a few birds already, but if you are up for it, I'd love to see a REAL logo put together for the University of North Florida Ospreys ... Their sports teams have one of the worst modern logos I have ever seen and it pains me....
  2. Exactly.... I love what Khan and Co. have done since taking over Jacksonville. But believe me when I say I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. They have said all the right things and even done all the right things in regards to how they have dealt with the questions and the people of Jacksonville. But I understand that he is a business man, like all the other owners, and none of them can be trusted when it comes to making a dollar.
  3. I agree, but we are talking about at least 2016 her. But if I was a betting man, my money would also be on an NASL franchise. Bleacher Report could tell me the sky is blue and I wouldn't believe them. That site is less credible than my dead grandfather is when it comes to up to sporting information. That was just the link I grabbed, it has been reported by many sources, some are even credible.
  4. And the Jaguars/London nonsense thickens ... sigh. LINK I still don't think this is any kind of indication that there is a NFL forthcoming full time in London as I just can not see ti working on a full time basis, wheter it be the Jaguars, the Bills, or even an expansion franchise. My interest int his comes on the homefront, where Khan has purchased a large chunk of real estate on the riverbank that he wants to develop in an unknown capacity. There are heavy rumors circulating of interest in Jacksonville bringing a pro level soccer club to the city. With Khan having a heavy hand in the premier league, I think this further expands on that idea that Khan may play a part in eventually securing a MLS team for Jacksonville.
  5. Florio is such a tool... ...also in the news is this. The Jags are thinking about putting the new video boards to use once they are installed by using a portion of them to run the NFL RedZone network during games. Which of course has brought out all of the "har, har ... it'd be the most popular game in the stadium, hurr durr" comments from all over the place. I have seen tweets and comments about San Francisco considering doing the same once their new house is built. Say what you want, The 'Stasche is certainly creative when it comes to finding ways to get the city/fans excited about this team again.
  6. And here is a quick writeup about the planned changes to the stadium in Jax.... LINK Key points: new scoreboards in each endzone, largest in world new sideline video boards new video boards in South endzone new video displays over the entrance tunnels new display in North endzone terrace area new state of the art scoreboard control room new North endzone terrace area; unique food & bverages, pools, and interactive activities new terrace area will require removal of about 7,000 seats (currently covered by tarps) in the North endzone bill is roughly $63 million ... city is on the hook for $36.4m ... team is eating $26.5 and responsible for any cost overruns. For those not interested in the actual article .... PICTURES! The South endzone, showing off the new scoreboard... The North endzone, showing off new boards and activities terrace... Combine all of that with the news that Khan is looking into buying and developing a large chunk of land on the riverbank, and his loaning of cash to others to snatch up property downtown, as a pretty solid indicator of his purposes with the team. But I still have to temper my expectations... if the team continues to struggle and the fans don't buy the tickets .. eventually every good business man knows he has to cut a sinking ship loose. We aren't there yet, but I think it is something that almost every team and every fan in the league needs to remember. Very few teams in the league are really and truly "safe".
  7. That really wasn't unique for his time, most nascar drivers had open face helmets, it was just after his death they made the full face helmets mandatory. Yes, but as I got into NASCAR, I think only he and Harry Gant (and actually Gant made the switch to a full face before Sr. died I believe) were still rocking them. And at the time of his death, he was pretty much the only guy in the big league doing it. When I think of Sr., I think of him after the race with his raccoon face and smile.
  8. Dale Sr.'s open face helmets and goggles...
  9. I've always wanted one of those 96 Gator rings. It's the only real ring on my "big list of things I really want but will likely never own".
  10. I could some random thing happening where LA and London both get expansion teams. But have no idea how you go about adjusting the divisions then.
  11. I'm still biting my lip and waiting for some form of a competitive element to be displayed on the field. That is what is going to save the team here in Jacksonville ... not engaging the fan base. I love what Khan & Co. have done this off-season with making sure they stay in the spotlight and interact with the fans, but all of that is only going to go so far. Wins on the field puts butts in the seats long term.
  12. I have a huge fondness for these old logos. Might just be that they really represent an era in sports that will never come around again. Somebody already posted the older muscled up Albert for Florida, does anybody have any other UF ones? It took a long time for the current one to grow on me, I always loved the simplicity of the old Albert and the old UF shield.
  13. I think you answered your own question there honestly.
  14. So my pops went up to Mark Martin's car dealership and museum up in Batesville, AR and brought these pictures back. Figured I'd share them.
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