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  1. I understand why you say that about the Royals, it is a big change. But I do want to make drastic changes to pretty much every team, an the Royals were a great candidate to do so because of how similar they are to the Dodgers. If you have any suggestions about what way you'd want me to take the Royals let me know and I can try and adjust them. I did take your suggestion on the tigers and here's what I was playing around with. Let me know which one you guys like best. Thanks for the kind words. I changed the gold away to blue, as you requested. I'm not sure if I really think this is an upgrade, but it is up to you guys. Like I said before, there's already two teams with powder blue roads (the Dodgers being one of them) so I'm hesitant to add a third. I also made the alt. gold just to see how it looks, wasn't sure on how to color the crown.
  2. Now is when things start to get interesting. Tigers: I played around a little with the template and added a tiger stripe to the sleeves. I thought this was a good way to add some flair to an otherwise drab uniform, and allowed me to keep the iconic D logo on both the home and away jersey. I used the Detroit script on the alternate. I made the D on the white jersey white with a thick blue outline because i really liked the way it looked and also you could tie it into a white tiger. All caps could be worn with all jerseys. Royals: I almost completely re-did the Royals based on their turn ahead the clock uniform. I added a faux-vest look to the sleeves and added a new, more royal looking font. I used this font to create a new KC logo. The road is gold. I tried to experiment a lot with how many grays and different colored away uniforms I could use in this series. The alternate is, in my opinion, a really simple and futuristic looking alt. that is simple enough to look good a couple years from now, but futuristic enough to be a really interesting look. All caps could be worn with all jerseys.
  3. Tried to take some of your suggestions. Here's the White Sox with no gray outline, I actually do like this and think it's an improvement. Here's the Devil Rays with a sleeve stripe and Blue logo on the alt. i had no idea what to do on the sleeve stripe, and I wasn't really pleased with what I came out with, so if you have any suggestions let me know. I also am not sure about the blue logo on the alt. Kind of pops out while most everything else in the set is more muted. I darkened the blue's a bit. Hopefully this is better.
  4. You're right about the colors, I didn't notice anything until you said it. I'll try and tweak it today or tomorrow and fix it. I'm thinking I'll just darken the shade of blue a hair. As for the blue away uniform, I actually think the gray compliments the two colors really well so I'd rather keep it, especially since there is already two blue away uniforms in the league. When I look at concepts I don't really pay attention to the numbers, so I did away with it in this. It would have added extra work and really wouldn't have added anything to the series, for me personally. And finally, to round out the AL East and dip a little into the AL Central, here's the blue jays and White Sox. Blue Jays: I actually liked the mid 2000's blue jays set, so I decided to keep it with a little tweaks. I modified the back edge of the blue jays head and re-emphasized the blue. I brought back the white panel hat, and changed the bill to gray because I don't like how on the current hat the bill and back of the hat are the same color. I added silhouetted maple leafs on the tops of the sleeves and a Canadian flag on the sleeves, to emphasize the blue jays as Canada's team, much as they do now. The only team in the series with three hats, each hat would only be worn with one jersey. White to white, blue to gray, and red to red. White Sox: I went for a really throwback vibe to this set because of how good the throwback logos are. Modified an old SOX logo and added the chicago flag stars in it, to add some local flair. I went with sleeve numbers on the away jersey, similar to how they were back in the 60's I believe. Tried out a pinstripe hat and pinstriped jersey with piping on top. I was worried it might look too college-ish but I actually think it turned out great. The white hat would obviously only be worn at home, and the black hat only on the road.
  5. Is this more of what you had in mind? Added a NY logo and rounded out the bomb. I am trying to stay away from highlights on the logo to keep it as simple as possible. I'm trying to make the logo seems as if it's one of the classic logos, a logo that's been around for a while. And now for 2 more teams in the AL East. This is the division I am least happy with, so probably shouldn't have started out with them, but oh well. Red Sox: Decided to completely revamp them as well. I only wanted one SOX team, and I decided to keep the White Sox because I thought they had some pre-existing logos that were easier to work with then the Red Sox. I named the Boston team the Ports. I have been to Cape Cod before, and boating and fishing is definitely a huge thing up there. I went with a powder blue and yellow scheme to try and get away from the red-blue that is so common in the MLB. I kept the jerseys similar to their current jerseys. The blue hat could be worn with all uniforms, while the White hat would be for the white jersey and blue jersey only. Orioles: To be honest I had no idea what to do with the Orioles. I did this a couple months ago, so if I tried my hand now at them I would probably change the name completely. I might come back and revisit them later, but all I did to them was add a stripe that goes down the sleeves, ala the St. Louis Browns. I decided to get rid of the cartoon oriole and brought back the realistic bird, while taking away some highlights and generally simplifying the logo. The Alternate is a throwback to the Ripken days, since that is what the club is known most for. All hats could be worn with all uniforms.
  6. It's been a while since I last posted a concept, and I feel my designing has improved a lot, so I wanted to challenge myself. I took it upon myself to redesign the MLB. Instead of just tweaking my way through the MLB, I wanted to make every single team look greatly different than they do now. I have already finished all thirty teams, so I will release two every couple days or so. Hopefully you guys don't mind the format, I thought it looked cooler than simply showing the uniform on a blank background. Yankees: I didn't know how to redesign the Yankees without changing the name, so that's exactly what I did. I thought if any team was going to have a vintage look, it should be the Yankees. The name plays of the nickname "Bronx Bombers", while also doubling as a homage to the Army. I put a flannel pattern on the road, and kept the wordmarks simple. there are no alternate jerseys or hats for the bombers. Rays: I decided to bring back some of my favorite uniforms of all time, but with a twist. I went with a minty green color and a lighter blue. I got rid of the gradiant on the wordmarks and tweaked them a little. The TB hat could be worn with any of the uniforms, while the Devil Ray hat would only be worn with the away and alternate jersey.
  7. Why do people always attack Teal's credibility. If memory serves me right, he's been right on more than a couple things. If he keeps getting attacked every time he posts something why would he ever give us any info?
  8. Does anyone know if this jersey was actually used in the Arizona Fall League? If so, I've never seen it before.
  9. Otterbein student here. Never would have expected to see OAC concepts on these boards. For Otterbein, I agree it is stupid how we use the O on our helmets, but the current cardinal just wouldn't work on a football helmet. Your update fixes that problem, and looks really good. If it was me, I would have the eyes facing forward, but I don't think it particularly looks bad with them facing back.
  10. Definitely an unpopular opinion, but this is my favorite uniform in the current TCU set
  11. I went away from purple because I felt this was a whole new identity. I will try and add some purple next edit though. I'll also try and emphasize more of they sky blue as I can understand how it'd be similar to the white sox from the back. About the triceratops, were you thinking more in a direction like this? Or should I try and keep working on the one i had before. Also, I'm thinking of changing the name to the Denver Dinos, thoughts on that would be appreciated.
  12. Hey guys, it's been a really long time since I made a concept, and I just had the urge today, so I made this Rockies concept. I couldn't find a template so I had to make my own, if anybody has a template/knows where one is that they wouldn't mind sharing it'd be much appreciated.
  13. The cream uniform may just be a discoloring of the gray uniform and chrome helmet are not new for MTSU.
  14. Cardinals have worn that exact hat for saturday home games.
  15. 1. Rams 2. Any team Lebron is on . . . . . . . 3. Seahawks, although not really anymore
  16. As a former Rams fan here in St. Louis, this sucks. I don't see myself ever having a strong interest in the NFL ever again. I will actually be rooting for whoever is playing the Rams. Hopefully for LA fans Stan Kroenke and the NFL won't screw you guys over as much as he did St. Louis. The Rams will be missed here in St. Louis. Pretty typical of them to leave as soon as they begin to get good too.
  17. There are some rumors going around that the little black tire pellets they put in turf, in ingested, can cause cancer. It's been showing up in goalkeepers (women) a lot. Personally I much prefer playing baseball on turf but that is just because the grass we usually play on is in pretty bad shape.
  18. I don't want to start a new topic, so this is only vaguely related. But can anyone direct me to a site that sells those say no to drugs wristbands? I remember there being a website but I can't find it. Thanks.
  19. Thank you for the comments. While I agree to a point what JBSlinky said, I feel like all that text would clutter up the cover, so I am gonna leave it as it is. Dougfresh, I appreciate your input and link, but I have very little text (basically what I have shown you is all the text I have so far). Also I have had trouble finding what the horizon line is. Could the color blocks on the top and bottom be easily changed to a horizon line? And as for making it not look so thrown together, I am thinking about making 3-4 thin black outlined boxes in set positions on each page and just using that as a template for each page. I am hoping that would make everything look less thrown together. And BPO, I do feel those kind of things would be cool, and any more suggestions are welcome, although I am just trying to complete the main stuff before I begin to think about anything else. Thanks again for all your comments.
  20. I forgot to include the cover: CFBU stands for College Football Uniforms
  21. Hey guys, I am attempting to make this "book" which covers every new and some recently new college football uniforms/helmets. I just wanted to get some advice on the presentation. I am hoping to make this a .pdf available to everyone when I finish, although I am not sure how to do that yet. Here are two examples. The top is the same for the entire conference, so the color doesn't change.
  22. Side Panels? You mean like these? I to like the Rams uniforms, although I may be a bit biased.