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  1. nice simple concept, i like it, though I would make the facemask black for all the uniforms. Are you looking to play baseball at App. State or just going as a student?
  2. The games were last night so maybe the scoreboard is only the new one from now on.
  3. For a lot of schools, there is no such thing as an "alternate" anymore. They just mix and match piece by piece. The way ASU integrates black, it is firmly a regular part of their rotation.Exactly. ASU wears black for what feels like a majority of their games. I don't know if that's actually true, but every time I see them they're wearing some form of black. So, it's different from other schools that have just a BFBS uniform. ASU football in recent years has been primarily black. And even if they weren't primarily black can we all agree that Arizona State doesn't need any black uniforms? Here's ASU's football unis last year, minus the Sparky helmet vs Arizona (which, btw, the decals were switched on the helmet last minuted in the middle of the night before the game. The Equipment team even tweeted out a photo of the helmets with pitchforks on them the day before.) 12 different combos. Three games with black (Fire/Black/Black, Black/White/Black, Black/Maroon/Black) plus Desert Fuel Gray/Copper uni against Notre Dame. So eight out of 12 games with no black parts of the uniform. 2/3 of the games without black. That's a super majority no black uniform elements. We all have our own thresholds, I guess. I don't know that 1/3 in non school colors (not to mention watering it all down with 12 different combos) is a good thing. If you point is simply "see, not a majority" then yes. But if it's that it's "only a third" is not so bad, then, well, to each their own... So yeah, okay, they don't wear black every game, but they also still wear it too much and don't wear their school colors enough. Only one game this season with gold-maroon-gold is not okay. Two actually, vs arizona. I actually don't mind the black Arizona State uses. Two games at home and one on the road doesn't seem like too much to me.
  4. Decided to take a stab at this. I did a Trumaine Johnson. I did it a little different then you, as I first traced all my colors, and then after I finished tracing them I lowered the opacity and took away some of the coloring for shadows. I used photoshop, but i still think it came out pretty good. Hope you don't mind me posting.
  5. When you get a chance to do the Rams, could you do a Janoris Jenkins or Trumaine Johnson?
  6. I didn't think the rams were changing uniforms next year, I thought it was the year after. Also, they are wearing the white pants because we have been on a winning streak lately while wearing them. Unpopular opinion, but i actually like the Blue on Blue combo.
  7. Golden state wordmark looks too awkward. A straight script would look better.
  8. Virginia wore striped socks: can't find any photos of players wearing them recently though
  9. A full size helmet will cost you a lot, over $150. A mini size helmet is I believe 1/4 the size, but you can get a full mini helmet with decals for maybe $30. I haven't ordered from here, but it looks like a reputable site: Custom mini football helmets
  10. I think this is getting a bit ridiculous. Outside of these boards, how many people do you think notice? And out of those people, how many do you think care? The difference I think between a NFL player and a business man is that the NFL players are playing a game for their living. Why not have a little fun? The league obviously has more important issues to deal with.
  11. That may not be possible. They could be in LA as early as next September, but they won't have new uniforms before 2016 (if that deadline hasn't already passed as well). The relocation would be announced in February - when do NFL re-brands usually get unveiled? I'm pretty sure there has been confirmation the Rams are gonna be in St. Louis in 2015.
  12. this has gotta be one of the best looking match-ups of the season.
  13. Great series. Thought there could been some more wacky uniforms (especially in the lower conferences), but overall I thought you did a great job. I'm not really feeling the texas state logo on red. It looks odd to me. Also, since this series is over, would you be interested in giving away the template?
  14. I loved last years egg bowl uniform. I think the helmet was one of the best I have seen, and the uniforms were just a good compliment to the helmet.
  15. Florida State's sleeve insert comes to an awkward end at the back of the jersey. I like the old template better for florida state
  16. I think it is because of how they start on the front of the jersey. if you could taper that rectangular front it would look much better.
  17. This. So much this.However I would way rather see long pants than stirrups So you'd rather players look like complete tools instead of a little silly? I assume you do not wear pants? I actually like stirrups, but only the low cut kind.
  18. Maybe the black marshall look would look more consistent if the outline of the M and the numbers was (outside-in) White, Black, Green. Just so the three layer look is consistent throughout all the sets. Also, I would add some black to the UAB jerseys. Pants look kind of out of place to me.
  19. I think the sword inside of the flag is a little overkill. other then that it looks pretty good
  20. Whittier College has great logos and football uniforms.
  21. Very plain conference. I think plain is good, but there should be a couple more teams with "out there" looks. I'm thinking maybe Tulsa or SMU.
  22. Am I the only one that likes every single Kansas Uniform (Except for the special red uniform worn this season.)