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  1. this has gotta be one of the best looking match-ups of the season.
  2. Great series. Thought there could been some more wacky uniforms (especially in the lower conferences), but overall I thought you did a great job. I'm not really feeling the texas state logo on red. It looks odd to me. Also, since this series is over, would you be interested in giving away the template?
  3. I loved last years egg bowl uniform. I think the helmet was one of the best I have seen, and the uniforms were just a good compliment to the helmet.
  4. Florida State's sleeve insert comes to an awkward end at the back of the jersey. I like the old template better for florida state
  5. I think it is because of how they start on the front of the jersey. if you could taper that rectangular front it would look much better.
  6. This. So much this.However I would way rather see long pants than stirrups So you'd rather players look like complete tools instead of a little silly? I assume you do not wear pants? I actually like stirrups, but only the low cut kind.
  7. Maybe the black marshall look would look more consistent if the outline of the M and the numbers was (outside-in) White, Black, Green. Just so the three layer look is consistent throughout all the sets. Also, I would add some black to the UAB jerseys. Pants look kind of out of place to me.
  8. I think the sword inside of the flag is a little overkill. other then that it looks pretty good
  9. Very plain conference. I think plain is good, but there should be a couple more teams with "out there" looks. I'm thinking maybe Tulsa or SMU.
  10. Am I the only one that likes every single Kansas Uniform (Except for the special red uniform worn this season.)
  11. Looks like Akron is going to bring out there black uniforms this week. jerseys will have a tank patch, looks like it will be on the back collar
  12. Miami really does look like they are wearing black. is there any confirmation?
  13. them. Fade doesn't bother me, and i tend to like asymmetrical uniforms.
  14. For Boston, use a darker anthracite color as your black. You can still see the stitching on the jersey, and the jersey looks really close to black.
  15. miami with new helmet. I like it. number is on the other side marshall also brought out their new green jerseys.
  16. WKU has a new chrome helmet. Gotta admit, I think it looks pretty good.
  17. those uniforms havent been worn for the past couple years. I happen to really like the newest oregon uniforms
  18. Just a rundown of the new uniforms we will see tonight: Akron NIU Central Michigan Utah Boise State Tulane Vanderbilt new helmet Arizona State? (not sure when new copper uniform is supposed to be worn) San Jose State
  19. Those are just retail jerseys and not an indication of what they will wear this season especially since there is not the front mesh tusks.the "There will be anthracite uni's this season" leads me to believe that they will be worn this season. Also, replica jerseys have missing elements all the time, that does not indicate whether they will be worn or not
  20. here is the concept: I'd get rid of the thick line underneath the back numbers