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  1. Looks like Akron is going to bring out there black uniforms this week. jerseys will have a tank patch, looks like it will be on the back collar
  2. Miami really does look like they are wearing black. is there any confirmation?
  3. them. Fade doesn't bother me, and i tend to like asymmetrical uniforms.
  4. For Boston, use a darker anthracite color as your black. You can still see the stitching on the jersey, and the jersey looks really close to black.
  5. miami with new helmet. I like it. number is on the other side marshall also brought out their new green jerseys.
  6. WKU has a new chrome helmet. Gotta admit, I think it looks pretty good.
  7. those uniforms havent been worn for the past couple years. I happen to really like the newest oregon uniforms
  8. Just a rundown of the new uniforms we will see tonight: Akron NIU Central Michigan Utah Boise State Tulane Vanderbilt new helmet Arizona State? (not sure when new copper uniform is supposed to be worn) San Jose State
  9. Those are just retail jerseys and not an indication of what they will wear this season especially since there is not the front mesh tusks.the "There will be anthracite uni's this season" leads me to believe that they will be worn this season. Also, replica jerseys have missing elements all the time, that does not indicate whether they will be worn or not
  10. here is the concept: I'd get rid of the thick line underneath the back numbers
  11. This belongs in the NFL Season thread, as it has nothing to do with him being gay.Other than the fact that the first openly gay athlete (in the big 4) got his first sack, I see nothing wrong with discussing his statistics and if it leads to him getting a spot on the team.First of all, Jason Collins was the first openly gay player in the big 4, and second, you totally missed the point of my comment.I said first openly gay player to get a sack-- Jason Collins didn't get any sacks. "I said first openly gay player to get a sack-- Jason Collins didn't get any sacks." "Other than the fact that the first openly gay athlete (in the big 4) got his first sack"
  12. I believe that logo is someone's here on the boards. The uniforms a disappointing though.
  13. Am I the only one that didn't mind this version of georgia techs uniforms? A couple tweaks and I think it is a very nice uniform.
  14. I think you should switch back to the current LSU helmet logo. I don't like how on yours, the tigers overlaps the LSU.
  15. I would personally make the special event uniform a basis for the home, road, and away. I think it looks really good, with the exception of the helmet.
  16. except for the number font, I loved SMU's uniforms. The sleeve stripes on the shoulders was so well executed.
  17. Why not use some scripts from "Welcome to _____"signs? Generic fonts for scripts will only hurt these concepts. For example, for missouri you could use: or
  18. All of these updates are downgrades, in my opinion. BAMA on the road was unique enough that I thought it worked really well. And the South Carolina hat is now way to cluttered. It would look fine without the SC. And for Florida, I would switch the sleeve gradient on the home, and maybe road to keep it consistent.
  19. Why? You realize you're bumping up a thread that hasn't been posted in a few months, just let it go, if the OP wants to come back and finish, he can do it, and you can post then. Leave the thread be to then. Also, that goes for both of you thread-bumpers. Go find a better way to contribute to the boards.
  20. This thread is truly phenomenal! I can't thank you enough for making these.