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  1. ya, i was kind of back and forth with it. i really liked it with the throwback they wore a couple years ago, but i think the pinstripes make it look worse than on a solid colored jersey.
  2. Hello. I had this idea a while ago about recoloring the MLB, mainly adding a new colored alternate. First up is the Twins. I added a red alternate for them because i thought with the right template, the red jersey could look really good. I also recolored the home jersey script and the home hat. I recolored the Home Jersey to better math all the other jerseys. Without further ado, here are the Twins:
  3. ya, add some yellow to the road like in the sketches
  4. These jerseys just for the road uniform. I'll never understand why everybody hates these.
  5. road script would be awesome
  6. Congrats on the weight loss! I also hate it that front numbers arent on most of the replicas, but i have seen some replicas where the front numbers are on them.
  7. maybe put a baseball under the script
  8. very nice concept, but how are you gonna do the adidas schools?
  9. Yes. This is one of the best templates i have ever seen
  10. you dont have to they look okay to me
  11. make the montreal white cap all white. it 3would make the set much better
  12. Here is the Home Uni without the beveilling.
  13. Up now is the New Mexico Aztecs. They are in the West division.
  14. New Template. I tried taking out the logo under the road script but the uniform felt bare.
  15. cool. really like the powder blue. by the way, how do you change the subtitle on the topic?
  16. I tried to incorporate the River in the St. Louis flag a little more into the design. I also made an A out of the arch as suggested.
  17. I decided to start a fantasy baseball league. There are 12 teams, 6 in both leagues. The leagues are called West Region and East Region. without further ado, here is the first team, the Gateway Arches
  18. yes. i agree with shaydre. update the facemask to look a little mor moedern and itll b perfect
  19. whats on the front of the orange jersey?
  20. love them. only complaint is u shud add blue pants