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  1. a 1998 style tampa bay devil rays jersey (home or away) for under $80
  2. Probably because they might bounce around and occasionally fall of when you pitch
  3. I think that you should erase all the team logos/uniform design to try and make the trophy a little more generic.
  4. advertising has been on the outfield walls for a looong time
  5. There is no way that what is behind the plate distracts the pitcher.
  6. Why do the whites look like they have no sidetrim, but they do in conrad's picture?
  7. Isn't that MSU uniform on the exact same template as a membet here created?
  8. What's wrong with wearing pants that show stirrups in baseball? I wouldn't call it outdated, but more of a needed throwback look in today's game of thuggish, baggy baseball pants.Mccarthy is right i meant the tight mid calf look.Hunter Pence and Brendan Ryan both do the tailored pants like Moyer did as well.Their pants are baggier. Moyers pants were striaght out of the 80's
  9. Why not use a photo of him with the white sox and photoshop the pinstripes to be green?
  10. Terrible. I know right ? I wish a hurricane would rip the roof off the trop, maybe some air and sunshine can bring the team some life.Every post you make feels like a natural disaster.Oh i'm a natural alright.......all 12 inches ......... well then.
  11. The stick is in a really awkward place, and the dolphin's hands make it look like it is "using a shake weight" I agree with the others that the tail needs to be sharpened and the dolphins needs to look more aggresive. I would also try to straighten out the mouth because it looks sad right now.
  12. I'm in the process of making a new logo. This is what I have so far. Any Ideas on how I can make this better? I am also having trouble deciding how to color it.
  13. I think top right works the best here.
  14. Is that suppose to be a captain's C? If so, that looks really bad.
  15. Is pink-teal-black a good color combination or would it still be too cluttered? I'll change the wordmark to the current one with some changes. Does anyone have any ideas on how to incorporate the old marlin into the new look, or should I just use the new marlin?
  16. Reds had easiest uniform to make blank. Long wordmarks that stretch across the uniform were difficult for me to erase. Also, what colors do you suggest I take out? The wordmark has the same number of colors that the new wordmark does.
  17. Hey guys, I made this concept for the Florida Marlins. I changed them back to Florida instead of Miami because I felt the overall brand of Florida was better. There would only be one hat, as before, and the pants would have teal piping. ALT HOME ROAD C&C appreciated.
  18. Fantastic concepts! Broncos logo looks a little chubby, but besides that these are all wonderful
  19. i think the eyes need some touching up. They look a little to big. I think pupils would help as well
  20. Found this image online. looks like your facemasks might be off.
  21. Here the logo is with saber like teeth
  22. Hey guys, I made this logo yesterday. I was wondering if anyone can help me improve it. The shading on the back of the neck really bothers me, and the shape of the logo is also pretty odd. The ear is also non aggressive and doesnt fit in with the rest of the logo. Any ways I can improve on this? The colors are also not set in stone, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd be all ears.
  23. The catcher is more then likely sponsored by a company to wear their gear. I know all major leaguers have a selection of free gloves to pick out before spring training.