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  1. Having a 5.7 ERA in the seventh inning or later is really gonna get you wins.
  2. The pant stripe looks really messy. other then that, looks good!
  3. Is there a way to make a font out of this? they post all the numbers and letters
  4. i would flip the sleeve stripe for k-state, in real life the stripe would look like it ends awkwardly in the front.
  5. Pants look a little bright. other then that, great work!
  6. Yep. I can't really get into specifics, but there are quite a few marks (cap marks in particular) that won't ever see the light of day as far as throwbacks or throwback merchandise goes due to the MLB not being able to secure trademarks after the fact. Some of the teams in the early days of pro baseball were changing marks and scripts every year, and none (or very few) were ever trademarked. Now that the MLB has recreated all of the marks and scripts (and most patches) digitally, the league had to go back and research each one and see if a trademark could be applied. In some cases, another entity had applied for it, and gotten it. Not much Major League Baseball can do about it now. Just wondering, but what are the restrictions on sharing these marks? If you could share one of these marks, why not all of them? Not complaining, just asking.
  7. I think it is in use because Arizona changed their uniforms and got rid of the gradient.
  8. I prefer it without the wordmark. Great update
  9. What I would do is make the file as close as you can to the 8.5x11 inches that a piece of paper is, unless that is to big.
  10. I would make the opacity on the spots lower so that they mmatch the blue jersey
  11. Didn't see this. A's and twins wore SU2C patches for the twins opener.
  12. Having a boy pose with the media guide (with them wearing the pullovers) on it does NOT mean that he likes the uniforms. Maybe he just likes to pose with media guides. This is possibly the stupidest argument I have ever heard.
  13. I think the nike camo does look good. some college teams wear it:
  14. Well I switched photos because the other one was too dark, and I came up with this. Any suggestions on what I could do better?
  15. Okay, so I have erased all the logos from the player. whats next?
  16. It's an awkward bottom of the logo. I'd try and make the bottom more similar to the current logo instead of such a curved shape
  17. I posted a link to the new Bucss uni, Pick one and we'll try and turn it into a template. how about this one? I could erase all the numbers and team specific stuff if you want.
  18. I would make the helmet stripes consistent with the pants stripes. Otherwise, good work
  19. I am a bit confused on how to get the light and dark layers. also, are you gonna show how to make a photorealistic template?
  20. They could have played the game in Arizona.[mod redacted]
  21. I feel like your secondary logo misses the mark. It looks more like a monkey then a grizzly
  22. I would take out the EST. 2014. looks a little cluttered
  23. If I saw Mike Trout walking down the street the average person wouldn't even know who is.He's been in the league to long for that.