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  1. That Picture is from a while ago . here are the current uniforms I'm pretty sure teams such as indiana state don't have logos on their jersey because they haven't got the new jerseys since the rule was announced a while ago.
  2. Did someone sign the Mooseheads jersey?
  3. 6 point is much better. it fills out the circle more
  4. Is the A11FL really gonna have the same uniform treatment as the nfl in terms of template? If so, I'm really excited to see some of the uniforms
  5. I would add a logo to the sleeves. Other then that, great job!
  6. I like it, but I tried to fix up some of what I disliked about the uniform, and besides the pants I think it came out pretty good
  7. Things don't get out of Tampa, not impending coach firings, not logo's, not uniforms... nothing Josh Freeman disagrees
  8. Would you mind linking to where I can get this template? Thanks. Also, Good concept, but I would change the M logo on the shorts to the U logo. As of now, there are just too many logos.
  9. St. Louis is wearing their BP tops this spring training instead of the usual jerseys.
  10. How come everyone doesn't know that the 'one helmet rule' was for last season only? I mean, really, everyone still assumes it exists. are you sure it is not in place for this season?
  11. On your canada road uniform, on one part of the graphic the sleeve is half gray, and on another part it is half white. Nice concepts.
  12. I feel like you should go in a different direction for the wheel logo. It is just too closeto the sooners, IMO
  13. I would make the black pant stripe the exact same as the white pant stripe. good concept.
  14. I would change the ending of the n to have less arch, and would also add some consistent line weights. other then that great job!
  15. Every uniform so far has been perfect. Great job!
  16. The chest patch makes the jersey seem more cluttered. Take that off and you have a great concept!
  17. I would use a different logo on the sleeves, or I would modify the script for the left sleeve (so that the T doesnt overlap onto the front of the jersey)