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  1. I wouldn't mind the NFL sticking to those on a yearly basis, to be honest.
  2. Have you thought about creating an online "generator" of banners? May ease the workload and allow people to build their own signatures without much trouble/waiting time. Just throwing it there
  3. Do you have tips on how to look for and find pieces like those on websites like eBay or Etsy? Being from Europe that's my only option to score me some great and cheap stuff!
  4. Just for comparison's shake Matchup #1 Matchup #2
  5. Where can I find your template? The whole set of unis looks really good. Waiting for more of your concepts! Edit: Talking about the Bengals' ones, I like the dark-brown tone you put into the unis, making them look softer. Kinda Cleveland Browns.
  6. Maybe I sound crazy but I can't found this template. Do you know where to find it in .SVG or .PSD? Anything that works on Illustrator or Photoshop. Thanks in advance!